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Fox News: Ivanka trump shocked «level of malice» against her father

Ivanka trump, daughter of U.S. President, who served as adviser in the White house, gave Monday, June 12, Frank an interview with the program Fox and Friends on Fox News channel, which said, she did not expect such a level of «malice» against his father.

However, her new experience includes good moments, including Ivanka, held a convert to Judaism and become a Jew, will include a visit to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where she experienced some «surreal» moments and felt a «blessing.»

Ivanka, who like her husband Jared Kushner, working in the presidential administration for free, did not describe their own adversity in the political arena.

The Jewish news Agency JTA recalls that the President’s daughter seeks to bring to American policy in the progressive trends – it is, in particular, is fighting for the rights of women and LGBT communities, thus neutralizing misses her father.

Daughter trump said that the President and his team plan to change the status quo and to carry out a radical reform, called it «big and bold things.»

Among the success of Donald trump, his daughter called the first foreign tour of the American leader, during which he visited Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Palestinian authority and the Vatican and convinced dozens of world leaders to stop sponsoring terror.

She also recalled that «substantive dialogue», established by her father, has brought into the Treasury of the United States 400 billion dollars, which was the American businessmen.

Fox News: Ivanka trump shocked «level of malice» against her father

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