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Frank-Walter Steinmeier was elected as the new President of Germany

The new President of Germany is elected ex-the head of the German Ministry of foreign Affairs 61-year-old Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was the sole candidate of the CDU/CSU and SPD gained an absolute majority in the first round.

About it writes on Sunday, February 12, the German edition of DW.

During golosovania in the Federal Assembly in support of Steinmeier expressed 931 of the deputies of the Bundestag and delegates of the parliaments of the land, 103 abstained. In the voting took part 1239.

Speaking to the delegates of the Federal Assembly, Steinmeier stressed that «we live in turbulent times,» when there is a particularly urgent need to recognize the distinction between «facts» and «myths». Speaking about the current situation in the world, the politician turned to the classics and quoted the soliloquy of hamlet:»the time is».

Steinmeier is convinced that «democracy cannot be taken» as a weakness, as «freedom and democracy are the Foundation of a United Europe,» summed up Frank-Walter Steinmeier.


Frank-Walter Steinmeier was born on 5 January 1956 in Detmold, Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, a working-class family.

He oversaw the administration of Gerhardschroeder, when he was appointed Prime Minister of Lower Saxony. After Schroeder became Chancellor, Steinmeier moved with him to Berlin, where he first worked as state Secretary of the Federal government, and later managed the office of the Federal Chancellor.

Since 2005 he held the post of Minister of foreign Affairs in the coalition government of the CDU/CSU-SPD. In 2007 assumed the position of Vice-Chancellor, was also a leader of the SPD faction in the Bundestag. After the parliamentary elections in 2013 once again headed the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier was elected as the new President of Germany 12.02.2017

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