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Frankfurter Allgemeine: together against NATO. On buying Turkey Russian s-400

On Tuesday, Moscow and Ankara said the purchase by Turkey of Russian air defense systems s-400, writes correspondent of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Michael Martens and Frederick Schmidt. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Turkish side has already made the first payment, and the remaining part of the «Russia will give Turkey credit». Later in an interview with Russian news Agency TASS Advisor to the President on military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin said that the Treaty «is preparing to implement».

The transaction on purchase of air defense systems of the long history, the authors of the article: in September 2013 the Turkish government has announced its intention to buy air defense systems in China. But the negotiations with the Chinese company Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation was perceived in the West as a provocation, some considered them the harbinger «the plan of Erdogan to withdraw from NATO and join with the Alliance with Russia and China.»

In Ankara these steps are explained differently: «first, the Chinese system is cheaper, and secondly, China was ready to produce the weapons components in Turkey». It is quite «fit in the concept of Turkish ruling «justice and development» to transform Turkey into one of the largest arms manufacturers in the world,» the article says. «If we can’t get what we need NATO, we will have to look in other places,» explained his decision by Erdogan. But the deal with China was not held against him were imposed sanctions for cooperation with Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Since then, further States, Turkey started negotiations with Russia, which from the American point of view, was even more dangerous. However, after talks with Putin in March this year, the Turkish leader said that a number of countries – members of NATO, such as Greece, use Russian weapons. Greece since the 1990-ies has in its Arsenal of Russian air defense systems s-300 stationed on Crete. «Even more interesting for Ankara deal was after Russia made a partial production complex in Turkey,» – emphasizes the newspaper, Recalling that at the economic forum in St. Petersburg, Putin said ambiguously: «we currently do not produce such systems abroad. But in General, nothing is impossible.»

Russian military expert Alexander Goltz believes that Turkey will receive an export version under the name «Triumph», which gives more efficient versions of s-400, designed for the domestic market. He also doubts that Russia will agree to build «an important component» of s-400 in Turkey: even if it will happen, it will «symbolic» steps, he said, because, ultimately, Turkey is member of NATO, which in November of 2015 was hit by a Russian military aircraft on the border with Syria. The incident led to months of tension in which Russia had placed at its military base in the North of Syria s-400 – to intimidate Turkey, the article says.

Frankfurter Allgemeine: together against NATO. On buying Turkey Russian s-400 13.09.2017

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