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Fraud pension bill: the programmer has discovered that «worked as a cleaner»

So, working as a programmer in one of the Israeli companies received in 2017 the annual report from the insurance company, which is her retirement account. After reviewing the report, to his surprise, found that in 2015-2016 for her make pension payments a cleaning company operating in another area of the country and even opened in her name Foundation training.

Contacting the insurance company So I found out that she not only worked unknown to her firm as a cleaner, but managed to quit and take the accumulated funds with it.

Provided the insurance company documents showed that the unknown woman got access to retirement account Etc by deception identification system clients for remote access and fake copies of identity cards, Etc

And forgery required a rather low level, because he only sent a black and white photocopy that requires the ability to work with the picture editor. On the fake copies, So predostavlenii insurance company, was a picture of another woman. Was also replaced the date and place of issuance of identity card instead of his real name So was listed her maiden name.

Fortunately, the retirement account So no funds could be removed without authorization of the employer or tax office (compensation for dismissal from a previous job she took at the time).

T. appealed to the police station Rishon LeZion, complaining of fraud, theft of identity to commit fraud and forgery. However, two months later, the Department for fight against fraud tel Aviv district police notified So to close the case as «offender unknown».

The case was closed despite the fact that the documents sent by fraud to the insurance company for receiving the money included their contact details, a simple check of the specified phone number in Google brought to the pages of the fraudsters on the social network Facebook indicating her new job.

Moreover, the same job (one of the outdoor cafés of tel Aviv) appears in the data of the national insurance Institute as parallel work, Etc

In early 2018, the IRS demanded that T. additional payments of income tax for working in two places. After lengthy proceedings, the management have recognised that we are talking about fraud, and expressed willingness to close the deal.

However, as already mentioned above, two parallel jobs appear in T. in the national insurance Institute.

After the treatment the So to edition (for copies of documents referred to above, and circuit breaking system of remote user authentication are stored in the editorial) we sent a request to the police tel Aviv district, and the office for supervision over the insurance market and pension savings.

The press service of the police sent a response as follows: «the Police all year round hard and continuously struggling with forgery in all its manifestations. Just last month in Holon was discovered a secret workshop of forgery, in which were detained three foreign citizens. After the trial all three were expelled from the country. About your treatment, the police have taken a number of actions for search of the swindler. As needed, the police will have MS So need help in resolving its problems with various organs, such as the Tax office and the national insurance Institute to have her rights were not infringed. Together with other agencies the police will continue to search for and punish the criminals as forging documents and using forged documents».

On the same day, the police contacted T and announced the resumption of the investigation and that the police will be contacted on this matter with the national insurance Institute. Also was given a certificate that she was a victim of forgery.

The office for supervision over the insurance market and pension savings were asked to answer three questions:
— Do the same verification system clients with remote access for all pension funds/funds?
— How often such cases of fraud?
— Whether the pension of the insured deposits in case of fraud?

After a few days, at the time of publication control reaction has not followed.

Comment of the lawyer, AVI Tisera from the firm «Twizer and partners»

«In this situation there are two aspects – criminal and civil. About the criminal aspect – the wholesale closure of police cases without proper investigation ought to be the subject of public criticism. The closure of cases, as was done in this case, can only cause regret.

In principle, closure can be challenged by the Complainant from a superior officer, and if that doesn’t help, then you can initiate a private prosecution («Kaulana, Lilit»), acting as Prosecutor in criminal proceedings instead of the state. That is, a private person needs to replace the state and the police. Unfortunately, in our country people facing this kind of crime, is in a problematic situation, because the police are not in a hurry to help. Of course, if you’re a public figure, the police work quickly, but if you’re a simple man and became a victim of such fraud, then you have serious problems.

To guard against this very difficult. One of my biggest fears is to discover that someone whose name has decorated the apartment, turned out to be a fraudster, falsified other documents.

Of course, is to monitor their ID, not to lose it, but as we see in this case was tampered with copy that could be made for anyone.

And here we come to the civil aspect: improved access to services leads not only to their improvement, save money and protect the environment, but sometimes makes life easier for the fraudsters at the expense of honest citizens. You can of course completely disable a remote service, requiring all to appear in person and produce documents for inspection, however, it will cost the country and its people dearly. So respected a certain balance. You may need to invest in better quality assurance mechanisms, some additional measures, but the transition to advanced technologies and facilitate the life of citizens in General has a price for individuals.

And here we return to the question of police work, which should do a better job, creating a deterrent effect. When the police wants, she knows how to work. Only on the days they quickly found the criminal who stole the video from the dressing room which filmed celebrity. It is necessary that she do it not only for celebrities».

The material was prepared by Mikhail Shafranov

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Fraud pension bill: the programmer has discovered that «worked as a cleaner» 14.03.2018

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