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From Israeli universities and hospitals require you to bring back the victims of Madoff 366 million shekels

Irving Picard, the U.S. court appointed Trustee of the property of the swindler Bernard Madoff, filed in the tel Aviv district court against 30 agencies, requiring them to return 366 million shekels.

Among the defendants in a lawsuit – the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University named after Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Bar-Ilan University, tel-Aviv and Haifa universities, Haifa Technion, the Weizmann Institute, created all these universities company on the commercial use of accumulated knowledge, Spinoza Institute, Academy of music and dance, hospital Sheba, RAMBAM, «Schneider», «Kaplan», «Ichilov», the health insurance Fund «Clalit» and a number of other structures.

On approval of the Picard responsible for the dissolution, belonged to the Madoff investment Fund BLMIS and the sale of his private property, for many years Israeli patterns received multimillion dollar donations from the money actually belonged to the victim of fraud.

Donations came through an account opened with BLMIS non-profit organization, Ishii Horowitz. Picard insists that this bill was part of a Ponzi scheme (one form of pyramid schemes), and went through his money should be returned to victims of Madoff.

It should be noted that earlier Jewish organization «Women island» returned the donations made by the organization Ishii Horowitz.

The Council of the Israeli universities in response to information about the lawsuit issued a statement, according to which all donations were received by law and a long time spent on academic activities. The universities had no information about the methods of investment of funds of the organization who donated the money.

Recall that Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison on 11 counts, including fraud, manipulation of securities, money laundering and perjury. We are talking about the maximum sentence to which ever was sentenced the accused in financial machinations in the US.

The list of victims of this Scam of the century takes up 162 pages of typewritten text, includes 13.567 organizations and individuals who have invested their money in the pyramid Madoff, and lost a total of about $ 50 billion.

From Israeli universities and hospitals require you to bring back the victims of Madoff 366 million shekels 10.12.2015

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