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From the library in tel Aviv stolen ancient books worth more than a million shekels

From the public library «Beit Ariela» in tel Aviv stolen several ancient books, worth more than a million shekels. The book, which is part of a collection of religious and sacred texts «Sifriat RAMBAM», was in a closed room, which had only a few people.

The website Walla News reports that the missing books from the collection of religious texts was seen last month, a complaint was filed to the police.

Within the framework of investigative activities police seized records from surveillance cameras installed in the library. However, it turned out that criminals, apparently, had known the exact location of cameras. They managed to get to the safe, open it and steal valuable artifacts, without leaving a trace. Therefore, according to Walla News, the investigators suspect that criminals could help someone from the library staff.

The newspaper reminds that not the first case of theft of the valuable exhibits from the collections of the library. About a month ago the administration of the «Beit Ariela» filed a complaint with the Jerusalem police, after it was discovered that the historic document signed by albert Einstein that were kept in the library, was offered for sale by the auction house «Kedem» in Jerusalem.

The municipality of tel Aviv, which belongs to the «Beit Ariela», reported that the city government has been updating the security system in the library.

From the library in tel Aviv stolen ancient books worth more than a million shekels 08.02.2016

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