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Frosty New year in USA: «frozen Niagara» has attracted many tourists

Cold weather in the new year’s eve is projected in most parts of the United States, which has already led to a partial freezing of Niagara falls, located on the border of new York and the canadian province of Ontario.

About it reports on Sunday, December 31, the news Agency Reuters, citing the National meteorological service of the United States.

Abnormally cold weather in North America led to the illusion of a freezing Niagara falls: the flow is not frozen, however, the water spray turned to ice in the air and settled on stones and trees, creating the effect of a frozen waterfall. This unusual sight attracted a lot of tourists.

«Freezing cold managed to partially freeze the giant Niagara falls, turning the attraction into a frozen, sparkling Paradise» – RIA Novosti quoted the description of this phenomenon given by CNN.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, in Washington on new year’s eve is expected to minus 13 degrees Celsius, while the temperature record for this city was established in 1899, when the thermometer dropped to minus 26 degrees.

The newspaper reminds that earlier this is the phenomenon the Americans and the country was nablyudali in the winter of 2014.

On the eve of New year, December 28, new York mayor bill de Blasio urged residents not to go outside because of the steady cold weather.

Frosty New year in USA: «frozen Niagara» has attracted many tourists

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