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Future witness for the prosecution in the case of 1000 Yair Lapid commented on the recommendation to indict Netanyahu

The head of the party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid, has agreed to become a prosecution witness in the case of 1000, said the police recommendation to file charges against Netanyahu.

«In a legal state person nominated by such heavy charges, most of which he did not deny, can not continue to lead the country and be responsible for the safety and welfare of the citizens,» said Lapid.

«Regarding the case 1000. I was approached by the police and popout testimony regarding the period when I headed the Ministry of Finance.
Like any law-abiding citizen, I gave a brief testimony relating to the attempts to expand the «law Milchina» up to 20 years. I emphasize that, despite all the pressure on me, I refused to carry out this act.
In this case, as in others, «Yesh Atid» was and remains the last obstacle to corruption in the government. The only alternative for those who are busy only in political intrigue and you.»

Consent Yair Lapid become a witness for the prosecution caused a very sharp criticism of deputies from the coalition. The head of the coalition David Amsalem struck Lapid criticized from the podium of the Knesset. «You were a boxer, you were Yonit Levi, you were a film actor, you were hanging out at a tel Aviv cafe when we were crawling through the mountains in the army and lived in cities development. All the values of the «Yesh Atid» is to write articles in military magazine? You squirt».

The Minister of tourism Yariv Levin (Likud) said: «it is Outrageous that a key svidetel charges will be Yair Lapid, a politician who for several years unsuccessfully trying to replace Benjamin Netanyahu,» said Levin. He called it «a shameful attempt to commit a coup, ignoring the desires of society».

The Deputy Minister of health Yaakov litzman («yaadut Torah», said: «Lapid Deputy today appeared in all its public shamelessness. He almost prodoljaute the coup, for which he was dismissed from the post of Finance Minister, which proved disastrous Minister,» said litzman.

Future witness for the prosecution in the case of 1000 Yair Lapid commented on the recommendation to indict Netanyahu 14.02.2018

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