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Gabay partners urged Netanyahu to break up the coalition

On Saturday evening, July 15, in Petah Tikva near house legal adviser to the government of Aviha Mandelblit held a protest demonstration. According to various estimates participated from 900 to 2,000.

The demonstration was attended by knowlesbury the head of the party «Avoda» and block «Zionist camp» AVI Gabay. «I came here to hold the Israelis, who vote for different parties, but they share one thing – rejection of corruption: personal or public,» said Gabay.

He noted that in a demonstration attended by the supporters of the various parties. «There are indisputable facts: personal gifts in the amount of hundreds of thousands of shekels, deep engagement of a cousin in the purchase of submarines. Only these facts are enough for the heads of the coalition parties said Prime Minister Netanyahu what Netanyahu himself said at the time, Olmert: «Enough!» Enough of corruption! Let the leaders of the coalition parties has the courage of the collapse of this government, steeped in corruption, and will go to the polls!»,- Gabay added.

From the press service of the Likud, in response, conveyed the following: «Even as there is disagreement about the lies that tonight spread of AVI Gabay to demonstrations of «New Israel Fund» in Petah Tikva, which aims to put inappropriate pressure on law enforcement agencies. There is no disagreement about the fact that he AVI Gabay was sent under house arrest on charges of «Bezeq» in 2005, and that he received from «Bezeq» more than 50 million shekels right after concluded the work of the Ministry of Finance, where he was mainly engaged in telecommunications and «Bezeq» the».

Gabay partners urged Netanyahu to break up the coalition 16.07.2017

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