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«Galey TSAHAL»: the government froze the construction of six thousand housing units in Jerusalem

By order of the political leadership halted construction of not less than six thousand housing units in Jerusalem.

This is stated in the document drawn up by the district Commission on planning and development in the municipality of the capital and published by the radio station Galei Tzahal. The document notes that the frozen project for the construction of 2,200 housing units in the Gilo quarter, is 2,000 housing units in the har Homa. Frozen also projects for the construction of 500 housing units in Ramat Shlomo, more than 500 housing units in the neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo, 250 housing units in Pisgat the Zeev.

The document notes that it is not just about housing. By order of the office of the Prime Minister, halted plans for the development of infrastructure in the capital. So stopped work on the preparation of an area of 9.000 square meters for the construction of the Parking lot and exhibition centre in the Old town, and also stopped the development of the expansion plan of construction in the Jewish quarter of the Old city.

Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that construction in Jerusalem is not frozen.

«Galey TSAHAL» quotes the words of the representatives of the municipality, who said that the local Committee approves the projects, and at meetings of the district Commission, held behind closed doors, are announced in the orders of the political leadership on the withdrawal from the agenda of construction projects. According to representatives of the municipality, the freezing was due to «circumstances of foreign policy».

Editorial appealed to the press service of the Likud to comment on this information. To date, the response has been received.

«Galey TSAHAL»: the government froze the construction of six thousand housing units in Jerusalem 19.06.2017

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