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Geninspektor with «great regret» reprimanded Roni ritman to

Tuesday, January 30, inspector-General of police, Roni Alsheikh met with the head of Department on fight against organized crime, Roni Ritman to make him a reprimand, the disciplinary punishment, which insisted the high court.

According to the website «Mako», a meeting with geninspektor Ritman began with an apology. «I’m sorry, but I have to reprimand You». According to this source, the meeting lasted about an hour and it was not discussed further ritman service of the police. However, it is known that after the Ritman leave the «LAHAV 433», he will remain to serve in the police.

23 January 2018 Roni Ritman filed a letter of resignation from the post of head of the Department for combating organized crime (LAHAV 433. The next day the chief of police, Roni Alsheikh told the high court that the successor of Ritman be appointed before April 1, and then Ritman will leave the position.

Ritman has resigned amid suspicions of sexual harassment. The complaint to the Ritman was filed by his former employee. The woman claimed that in 2011, she was subjected to sexual harassment. In particular, at one of the events Ritman tried to kiss her. Ritman from the beginning denied his guilt. He was sent on leave pending investigation. In December 2015, the then legal Advisor to the government Yehuda Weinstein ordered to stop the investigation against the head of LAHAV-433, but gave Ronnie Allahu comments related to the behaviour of Ritman. Despite all this, geninspektor police decided to restore the Ritman at the previous position.

In may 2016, the applicant filed a lawsuit in the high court against the decision to leave Riteman in the service in law enforcement. The high court ordered geninspektora police to reconsider the decision. According to the court, the return of the Ritman the police may not be carried out the way it did geninspektor, and the court also insisted on disciplinary action.

After the publication of the recordings with the participation of the investigator MAKHASH and women have filed a complaint against him, Roni Ritman expressed hope that the high court will review the decision, after which he was forced to resign from his post.

Office LAHAV-433 is investigating several cases having great public interest. In particular, the case against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, interior Minister and head of SHAS Aryeh Deri, the former head of the coalition David Bitana.

Geninspektor with «great regret» reprimanded Roni ritman to 31.01.2018

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