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German policy for jail tattoo of Auschwitz

Marcel Zech, member of the local Council of one of the settlements in the vicinity of Berlin, charged with inciting ethnic hatred. Wines of far right politics lies in the fact that he publicly showed the tattoo, which depicts the death camp Auschwitz.

About it writes on Thursday, 17 December, news Agency the Associated Press.

A German Prosecutor came to the conclusion that Zach, who is in the local Council of the far-right National democratic party, broke the law prohibiting the public display of Nazi symbols.

The incident in question occurred on November 21 of this year. Zach undressed in the swimming pool, and one of the visitors took the phone tattoo printed on the back policy. In addition to the famous gates of Auschwitz , there was also included the inscription Jedem das Seine («to Each his own»), which met the prisoners of the death camp at Buchenwald.

According to German law, if the court finds Zaha guilty, he faces five years in prison. The judicial hearings on the case scheduled for December 22.

German policy for jail tattoo of Auschwitz 18.12.2015

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