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German troops leave Turkey. Review of Russian media

German troops leaving Turkey – the Bundestag decided to relocate them to Jordan, said on Thursday the newspaper «Kommersant».

The German Parliament has approved the decision about the withdrawal of the military contingent of the Bundeswehr from the Turkish airbase Incirlik. For the proposal voted 461 of 569 members of Parliament. The reason for the forced redeployment of troops is the recent ban of the Turkish leadership on a visit to an airbase of the Bundestag.

According to defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, on the Jordanian air base, «al-Azraq» there is «a comparable alternative», and king Abdullah has supported the decision of Berlin. The relocation will take about two months. During this period, the German participation in the NATO-led international antiterrorist coalition will be temporarily suspended.

Declassified unique documents of the great Patriotic war: the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation published on the official website /a> unique archival documents, declassified holdings of the Central archive of the Ministry.

Created a new section where you can see the evidence of Soviet military leaders, witnesses of the events of June 22, 1941 and the first days of the great Patriotic war. In particular, site visitors can find answers to the commanders of the five key questions prepared by the Military historical Department of the General staff of the Soviet Army.

It is in these responses contains complete information on the status of defensive line along the state border to the beginning of the war, marks «the Russian newspaper».

The President of France Emmanuel macron said the participation of the armed forces in operations in Libya in 2011 and warns against a repetition of this scenario in Syria. He stated this in an interview with eight European publications, including Le Soir, The Guardian, Gazeta Wyborcza, Il Corriere della Sera, Le Temps, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Le Figaro and El Pais.

«Democracy can not bring outside without involving the people. France was not involved in the war in Iraq, and was this right. But she was wrong to engage in war in Libya. What were the outcomes of these invasions? Destroyed countries in which terrorist groups thrive. I don’t want that to happen in Syria,» – quotes the French leader of the WG.

Supporters of Alexei Navalny celebrate a kind of anniversary – the eagle opened his campaign headquarters has become a 50-m account, although the plan in the second half of June, these structures had to be under 70. But opposition from the authorities, it seems, increases the number of signatories for nominating Navalny for President and planned to do this, a million people looks very real, writes on Thursday the newspaper «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

The number of potential signatories for the registration of Alexei Navalny as a candidate for the presidency has passed with the stock for the required number. We will remind that the Central election Commission any candidate is bound to bring real 300.000 signatures and divided into regional quotas.

The Russian Federation considers the destruction of the aircraft of the coalition led by the United States, su-22, the Syrian air force on 18 June as a contempt of the UN Charter, which requires thorough investigation, as announced on Thursday the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.
The newspaper «Izvestia» reminds that the coalition has shot down Syrian aircraft the government troops on the grounds that the action against ISIS.

German troops leave Turkey. Review of Russian media 22.06.2017

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