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Germany has called the world leaders in the field of espionage on its territory

Russia, China and Iran are leaders in the field of intelligence activities in Germany. Such data are contained in the report of the counterintelligence of Germany, presented on Tuesday, 4 July, in Berlin, according to news Agency RIA Novosti.

«The Russian Federation, people’s Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran – the major players in the field of espionage directed against Germany. In addition, other, mostly Western countries are playing an increasingly significant role», – stated in the report of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution for 2016.

The scandal around the wiretapping of telephone conversations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the document is not mentioned and the subject of the activities of US intelligence affected only in passing, the article notes.

«In the center of intelligence work Russia to 2016 were tense relations between the EU and Turkey, the future of the EU after a vote for Brexit and the European policy of security and defense. The efforts of the Russian intelligence was aimed at defining the European response to the Russian military operation in Syria. Russian special services are interested in political and economic topics, especially in the field of energy (commodity security) and the military (the summit of PATO, cyber-strategy, weapons», – quotes Agency the text of this document.

Among the countries that are actively engaged in espionage in Germany, is also Turkey, and the main object of efforts of foreign intelligence services is called «government quarter» in Berlin.

Speaking on the activities of us intelligence services in Germany, the authors of the report note that over the past year, the number of messages in the media on the subject of activity of the NSA compared to the previous year decreased.

However, the paper noted that «in February 2016, WikiLeaks is re-published excerpts from documents about the NSA allegedly monitored telephone numbers, especially in Germany, France and Italy.»

Germany has called the world leaders in the field of espionage on its territory

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