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Germany recognized the Algerian Jewish victims of the Holocaust and to pay them compensation

The German government has announced that it intends to recognize 25.000 elderly Algerian Jews have been subjected during the Second world war, the persecution of the Nazis and the collaborationist «Vichy government», victims of the Holocaust and to pay them compensation.

About it write on Monday, February 5, international media and, in particular, the website of the TV channel i24news.

Agreement on restitution was signed by the German government and the Claims Conference organization, specializing in compensation to the victims of Nazism and their heirs.

In this document, Germany will pay approximately 2.550 euros every Jew who lived in the territory of Algeria, of the former in those years a French colony, in the period from July 1940 to November 1942. Recall that at this time France was ruled by the so-called «Vichy regime» collaborated with the Nazis.

Currently, the majority of these people live in France, and about 3,900 people immigrated to Israel. Recall that during the war the Jewish population of Algeria was persecuted – children are forbidden to attend school, and their parents were deprived of ownership.

In addition, there were quotas for Jews, which restricted the right to work in the specialty – doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, midwives, architects, etc., and all Algerian Jews were deprived of French nationality.

Note that before the war the Jewish community of Algeria numbered about 130,000 people, of which today almost nobody left, and the fact that this North African country is among the five most anti-Semitic countries in the world.

Germany recognized the Algerian Jewish victims of the Holocaust and to pay them compensation 05.02.2018

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