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Getting rid of nail fungus forever

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Nail fungus, aka onychomycosis, is the cause of half of nail diseases and injuries. It is formed on the nails of both upper and lower limbs, but more often it attacks the feet. Statistics show that adults are infected with nail fungus thirty times more often than children, and people over the age of seventy years, the onychomycosis is observed in seven or eight out of every ten cases.

Causes of nail fungus:

• To get infected by nail fungus easily in public areas where people walk or stay barefoot – for example, in the pool, bath, nail salon, sauna, gym.

• Onychomycosis may also develop due to trauma or circulatory disorders of the extremities.

• Other more at risk of Contracting nail fungus people with somatic diseases severe, immune disorders and endocrine diseases.

The symptoms of nail fungus:

• Onychomycosis normotrofichesky – the thickness of the nail does not change, he remains brilliant, but changes the color of the nail, there appear spots and stripes.

• Hypertrophic nail fungus – nail deformed, often thickened and may begin to crumble at the edges. The gloss disappears, the color of the nail changes.

• Animalisticheskih onychomycosis – the nail partially atrophied, there is a rejection of the nail plate from the nail bed.

Having had one or more of the above symptoms, do not lightly treat the problem. Nail fungus is not only a cosmetic defect. Thickened, crumbling nail could interfere with the wearing of shoes and lead to social and psychological problems .

In addition, the fungus can produce toxins and contribute to allergic restructuring of the body, resulting in greater vulnerability. That is why nail fungus should be treated without delay, immediately after discovery of suspicious symptoms.

Is there a way to get rid of nail fungus

In the past it was quite common removal of the nail, for treatment of onychomycosis, but today, this painful method is almost never used.

Often treatments nail strokes of different medical drugs. However, this type of treatment is, first, not always allows to achieve the desired effect, and, secondly, can be dangerous to the liver.

According to research conducted by the FDI, there is a clear link between taking drugs for the treatment of nail fungus and problems with the functioning of the liver and also the risk of some liver diseases.

Ointments and creams, which are sometimes recommended by doctors, are also not an effective means of dealing with nail fungus because they are not absorbed into the nail plate and can only partly alleviate the external symptoms of the disease, not curing it.

Because patients with onychomycosis requires a complete cure, in the last ten years the approach to treatment of onychomycosis has changed fundamentally. The company «Terna» Clinics offer laser treatment of nail fungus.

What is laser therapy of nail fungus

This sterilization of the nail plate and the surface under them from spores of nail fungus. Such sterilization is performed by means of laser radiation.

The essence of the method lies in the fact that under uniform high temperatures, which ensures the laser, mycelium and spores of nail fungus in the nail plate and die. Thus, the laser is struggling with the root cause of onychomycosis.

Laser therapy of nail fungus is the newest, safe, completely painless and highly efficient method that has no contraindications and is suitable for treating any kind of onychomycosis.

The company «Terna Clinics» offers a program of laser therapy of nail fungus, which does not require hospitalization or the use of any ointments.The performance of all requirements of the specialists of the clinic will lead to the complete final getting rid of nail fungus.

Laser therapy of nail fungus is suitable to men and women sixteen years and older.

For a free consultation at your nearest Department of the clinic, please call: 1800-60-70-80 or use our contact form.

Getting rid of nail fungus forever

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