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Gifts for a million shekels and talks with Moses. Details of recommendations for Affairs Netanyahu

In the night of Wednesday, February 14, the police published details of the investigation on business 1000 and 2000. In these cases the investigating authorities recommended to give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on trial for bribery and betrayal of public trust.

«In the first half of 2016 from various sources received information that gave rise to the suspicion of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of offenses classified as betrayal of public trust and receiving illicit benefits. In July 2016 legal adviser to the government of the day agreed at the beginning of the audit, and in December 2016, after was presented the grounds for the investigation, the legal adviser to the government gave its consent on the beginning of the official criminal investigation», – said the press service of the police.

As part of the investigation was questioned 80 witnesses who gave evidence 180. Six people related to the case, was questioned outside of the state of Israel.

In the first stage of investigation 1000 about receiving illegal benefits were not apparent interests of business and fees that they received for the benefits provided to the Prime Minister. Suspicion of the presence of such interests appeared in the course of the investigation, and their appearance forced the investigators to expand the range of questioning witnesses in Israel and abroad.

«The investigation has established that for almost ten years, from 2007 to 2016, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netaniyagu members of his family regularly received from the two businessmen or their representatives, expensive gifts – cigars, bottles of champagne, decorations, totaling in the hundreds of thousands of shekels,» — said in a statement to the police.

The amount of gifts received by the Prime Minister assessed by investigators million shekels. «The value of gifts received from Mr. Milchen is about 750,000 shekels, and gifts from Mr Packer about 250.000», — stated in the message of the police. According to the investigators collected information, the Packer began to present gifts to the family of Netanyahu in 2014, when the business was divided between spending on gifts to the Netanyahu family.

The police revealed that since 2009, after Benjamin Netanyahu became Prime Minister, the scale and frequency of receipt of material benefits from the business has increased dramatically.

The collected materials indicate that the Prime Minister had received gifts and hospitality on the background of his activities as head of government and Minister of communications during the relevant period and in exchange for actions that promote, directly or indirectly, the business interests of Arnon Milchen, improved his economic situation and helped to preserve its social and economic status.

«The investigation lead to the conclusion that the system of relations between Netanyahu and Mr Melcena was corrupt and formed part of the crime and not just an innocent friendly relations», — stated in the message of investigatory bodies.

«It is obvious that the system of relations within which the public entity receives a material benefit from anyone and at the same time the recipient uses your polnomochiya and influence in order to promote the interests of the donor, is prohibited by law,» — noted in police.

The press service of law enforcement leads the list of episodes that have been investigated.

«The law Milchina» exempting immigrants and Israelis returning to the country from tax on income in the country from which they immigrated, for ten years after arrival in Israel. The police suspect that Netanyahu was asked about the approval of this law to the Ministry of Finance, but was refused, as according to officials of the Ministry of Finance, this bill is contrary to the interests of the state of Israel. Within this section of the investigation evidence was given by former Finance Minister Yair Lapid. He agreed to become a prosecution witness in the case, if the case, Netanyahu will be brought to trial.

Visa to the USA. The police suspects that the Prime Minister was trying to facilitate a visa for the Arnon Melcena, when he has difficulties. Netanyahu, according to the police, initiated the appeal to the official U.S. authorities, including Secretary of state John Kerry.

«Reshet Keshet». The police suspects that the Prime Minister contributed to the occurrence Melcena in the number of holders of shares the joint Second channel ITV. In order to help Milhano, Netanyahu appealed to various officials of the Ministry of communications, which at that time was headed by.

«Project Nanny». According to police, Netanyahu tried to promote a joint project Melcena and Indian businessman of Tata. The head of the government at the request of the Arnon Milchen appealed to the Ministry of defence, as well as in the structure of the office of the Prime Minister, despite the fact that there opposed the project.

«The tenth channel». The police suspect that Netanyahu acted contrary to the letter of the law, intervening in the functioning of the Tenth channel, despite the fact that Arnon Milchan, his friend, was one of the owners of the channel, and this fact was known to the Prime Minister.

The police said that after the completion of the investigation has the evidence base necessary for the prosecution of Prime Minister in bribery and betrayal of public trust. Police believe the guilt of Arnon Milchen in bribes.

Arnon Milchan has issued the following comment. «These recommendations will not turn into accusations, as they ignore the facts. Friendship between two people and their families ensued in the early 2000-ies. Gifts were presented without connection with any business interests. The recommendations of the police perversely interpreted the issues and problems unrelated to gifts. We are convinced that the sober and business study materials will lead to the conclusion that there is no reason for pollachi of the indictment, and if it was submitted, the court will reject it,» — said in a statement Milchina.

Speaking of the investigation of 2000, the police reported that we are talking about suspicions of corruption in the relations between the Prime Minister and the owner of «Yediot Ahronot» Arnon Moses.

According to the investigation, since 2009 between the suspects negotiated for mutual assistance, based on what police are calling a partnership deal. As part of the negotiations, it was that Arnon Moses will assist Netanyahu to strengthen his position and authority as head of government. This assistance was to be provided by «supportive and positive coverage of its activities in the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot»». In exchange, as the police believes, the Prime Minister promised Arnon Moses help in the promotion of the economic interests of the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot» by initiating and supporting the steps, blocking the growing influence of the newspaper «Israel a-Yom».

According to investigators, Netanyahu and Milchan had taken practical steps for the implementation of the agreements reached, or at least demonstrated such acts. The investigation was conducted on the basis of audio interviews Netanyahu and Moses committed on a mobile phone the former head of the Prime Minister’s office Ari Haro. Recording was done at the initiative of the head of the government.

Police incriminates tandem Netanyahu-Modem the following initiatives: support the head of the government law banning free distribution of the newspaper «Israel a-Yom», a contraction of its circulation, the cancellation of Friday’s release of the journal.

The police also suspects that Netanyahu, as Minister of communications, tried to establish contact between Moses and various businessmen who were interested in acquiring the newspaper «Yediot Ahronot».

Police believe the guilt Netanyahu’s request to bribery and betrayal of public trust. The investigating authorities also believe the guilt of Arnon Mozes, the offer of bribes.

Gifts for a million shekels and talks with Moses. Details of recommendations for Affairs Netanyahu 14.02.2018

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