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«Giyur ke-Halacha»: the bride found out before the ceremony that she was adopted

In the framework of a new independent system of courts savvinitsky on Judaism («Giyur ke-Halacha») held a regular meeting of the Beit-DIN, which resulted in 5 families, have been Judaism.

One of the women turned to the «Giyur ke Halacha» once a month before the wedding, during the inspection the Rabbinate learned that she was not a halachic Jew, as was adopted by a Jewish couple in their early childhood. About this family secret that she learned only at the age of 29.

The facilitators «Giyur ke-Halacha» also asked the girl, whose parents were married in the former USSR. And although the wedding of the parents was conducted with the Rabbi and the «ketubah», the chief Rabbinate refused to recognized the girl halachic Jew.

At the meeting of the Beit-DIN, which took place last week in the village of Efrat, was a convert Israeli Jews in which the Ministry of internal Affairs there was no doubt. The man decided to convert to Judaism after he learned that his mother is not Jewish according to Halacha. It was important for him to become part of the Jewish people, from a spiritual point of view, not bureaucratic.

Independent system giurov «Giyur ke-Halacha» headed by Rabbi Nachum Rabinovich was created about half a year ago as a result of cancellation of the decision of the government to approve the Law of Judaism. During this time, thanks to the «Giyur ke-Halacha» more than a hundred people have undergone the procedure of the adoption of Judaism without undue bureaucracy.

«Giyur ke-Halacha»: the bride found out before the ceremony that she was adopted 11.02.2016

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