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«Globes»: the IRS to «forgive» the heirs Sami ofer 939 million shekels

Wednesday, 29 February, was allowed to publish information about the agreement reached between the IRS and heirs of Israeli billionaire Sami ofer.

The website «Globes» indicates that the IRS demanded from the heirs of a billionaire about 940 million shekels in taxes from profits earned in the period from 2006 to 2009. However, in the framework of the agreement, the tax has refused the claims, taking into account the fact that in a specified time period ofer Themselves most of the time lived abroad.

Heirs Sami ofer, has agreed to pay the taxes for the year 2010, although they deny that at this time their father was in Israel. Thus, according to the «Globes», the state Treasury received 107 thousand shekels.

The publication States that at the moment the parties are left to settle the question about taxes for 2011 — the year of the death of ofer Themselves. But, most likely, the dispute will be resolved in favor of the heirs.

«Globes»: the IRS to «forgive» the heirs Sami ofer 939 million shekels 29.02.2016

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