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Google backs Apple in fight against the authorities

CEO of Google Sundar Pichai spoke in support of the leadership of Apple in conflict with United States authorities regarding the hacking of the phones of people suspected of committing crimes, reports The Verge.

A day earlier, the district court judge in Los Angeles ordered Apple to provide FBI investigators «feasible technical assistance» in removing data from iPhone 5C phone owned by Rizvan Faruq Saeed in December last year committed a terrorist act in San Bernardino.

In particular Apple is required to disable the automatic destruction of information that is activated after ten unsuccessful attempts of entering the password.

Apple CEO Tim cook published an open letter to customers Apple, which contends that the Corporation protesting against the authorities ‘ pressure, require Apple executives to go on «unprecedented steps that threaten the safety of our customers».

Cook in his appeal States that the consequences of the act «go further than this business.»

Apple CEO writes that the management of the Corporation up to a certain point cooperated with the authorities by providing them with all necessary information. Now, however, the U.S. government, according to cook, «requiring us to create something that we believe is too dangerous, and it is the «back door» to iPhone».

In particular, according to cook, the FBI requires to create a new version of the operating system for the iPhone, which will be installed on the phones seized during the investigation. Cook insists that it’s the software that does not exist today, the potential will allow you to hack any iPhone.

The White house spokesman Josh Ernest said that the Ministry of justice has asked Apple to grant access to just one phone, stressing that «they are not asking Apple to make a new product design or create a «back door» to one of the company’s products». Cook said that the allegations Ernest untrue.

Until today the state authorities in the USA were regularly lost the battle with technology companies, but the authorities in monitoring digital communications.

Sandar Pichai States that a court order forcing Apple to help the FBI to access data on a terrorist’s phone from San Bernardino, «may become a dangerous precedent».

Google backs Apple in fight against the authorities 18.02.2016

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