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Granddaughter of Kschessinska coming to see «Matilda». Review of Russian media

The Russian foreign Ministry said that the United States grossly distort Russian position on the investigation of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, according to news Agency RIA Novosti.

We are talking about the fact that Washington insists on the extension of the mandate of the Joint investigation mechanism (CMP) of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW-UN). In addition, the U.S. side said that Moscow will block the extension of the mandate, if the findings of the investigation will be «anti-Syrian character.»

The Russian side, in turn, insists that before to renew the mandate, to examine the existing results of the investigation on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. However, notes the Russian foreign Ministry no report no.

The founder of the «Open Russia» Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former head of YUKOS, made a statement regarding the upcoming March 2018 presidential elections, which advises not to boycott, writes on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant».

He believes that Democrats should seek registration of all those wishing to participate in the election of candidates «are able to collect votes». According to Khodorkovsky, any candidate will advocate for a parliamentary system, the federalization and really independent judicial power, can count on his support to «the promotion of these ideas.»

«Sobchak covers the wave of black PR» is the title of an article in «Nezavisimaya Gazeta», which says that the liberals and «green» propose new candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation assistance, but with preconditions.

Gaining momentum and campaign against her political plans in the Internet appeared the website «Sobchak against all of you», which States that the known TV presenter is a puppet in the hands of the authorities. «My name is Ksenia Sobchak, and I support Vladimir Putin to ensure a fourth term, stated on this website. My goal is to increase voter turnout, which is not allowed real opposition candidates. I get the «spoiler» for the election of the President of Russia which was Mikhail Prokhorov in the 2012 elections. Having no chance to win, I will join the real opposition to appease the Russian people. I am the puppet in the hands of the authorities. I promise you to criticize all the candidates, but my real goal is to crush the real opposition in the person of Alexei Navalny, accusing him in the führer, and populism. After the defeat in the elections the power will return me the output on the Federal TV air».

The DPRK was suspected of manufacturing biological weapons. According to the report of the American research center Belfer, North Korea, along with works on nuclear weapons can be the development of biological weapons, the newspaper «Izvestia».

According to analysts of the center, the program for the development of weapons using strains of plague, smallpox and anthrax were launched in the 1960-ies, shortly after the Korean war of 1950-1953 in addition, South Korean intelligence has information, at least, of the three possible production of biological weapons in North Korea and seven research centers, which may be associated with similar developments.

Granddaughter ballerina Kschessinska said that I will surely go for «Matilda», wrote on Tuesday the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda». The ball debutantes magazine Tatler 2017 – not just become already habitual secular ritual where you dance the Polonaise heiress in expensive dresses. This is a prestigious event, where can get only the elect.

This year the list of debutantes was never as good, the newspaper writes. Everyone was eager to see what looks like a 19-year-old Eleonora Sevenard, a great-great-granddaughter of the same Matilda Kshesinskaya, whose name is on the lips of even those who are far from Batman and pas-de-de because of the opposition directed by Alexei Uchitel and Natalia Poklonskaya.

Granddaughter of Kschessinska coming to see «Matilda». Review of Russian media 24.10.2017

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