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Greece has legalized same-sex unions

Despite the protests of the opposition and the Greek Orthodox Church, the Greek Parliament on Tuesday evening, December 22, passed a law legalizing unions between same-sex couples, according to Reuters.

The law in question, provides same-sex couples the same tax benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples, while also strengthening the right to inherit property.

Note that we are not talking about marriage. In 2008 Greece adopted a law enshrining the rights of couples under the so-called «civil unions». However, same-sex couples do not fall under this law.

The promise to extend the law to same-sex couples were included in the campaign of Alexis Tsipras. During the vote in the Greek Parliament of 300 deputies for adoption of the law voted by 193 people. Voted against the Communists and right-wing parties.

LGBT activists stress that this is only the first step in their struggle for equal rights since the new law still does not allow same-sex couples to marry and adopt children.

Greece has legalized same-sex unions 23.12.2015

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