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Greek Orthodox Church sold the site in Jaffa company from the Islands of the Caribbean

The Patriarchate of the Greek Orthodox Church has completed the transaction for the sale of rights to land in the «Complex hours» in old Jaffa Bona Trading company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.

As «kalkalist», the transaction value amounted to 5.2 million shekels over 6 dunums of land near the clock tower in Jaffa. The deal was signed in 2013, but its registration was delayed due to litigation.

It should be noted that in 1998, the Church gave a plot of long term rental company «Caesarea Ascot» for 99 years. So over the next 80 years to exercise their rights on the ground of Bona Trading can not.

This is the third deal to sell the Greek Patriarchate lands in Israel, which became known in recent weeks.

On the eve of the Second channel ITV announced the sale of 700 dunums of land between Caesarea and kibbutz Sdot Yam for 3.8 million shekels of the company Senet Ventures, also registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The transaction was executed in 2015. As in the case of land in Jaffa, the buyer will be able to use land rights a very long – term lease with the state expires in 2108 year.

In early July it became known that the Greek Patriarchate was sold to the group of Israeli investors plots with a total area of 50 hectares, located in the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Rehavia, Talbia and Niot. These areas since 1951, leased the Jewish national Fund.

In total there are about 200 plots. They located the theatre «Khan», part of the Israel Museum, the Central synagogue, the center of the heritage of Menachem begin and other public buildings.

The amount of the transaction, concluded in 2011 by Patriarch Theophilus the Third, not reported. Stations were purchased associated with the jeweler Leo Schachter company «NIAT Komemiyut Ascot», which is represented by a lawyer Noam Ben David.

The deal, concluded six years ago, and having not only economic but also political aspect, it became known thanks to a lawsuit against the Metropolitan government filed in the Jerusalem district court.

Publication of information about the deal sparked outrage in Jordan and in the Palestinian authority. The deputies of the Jordanian Parliament demanded that the government of the Kingdom to make the Greek Patriarchate of Jerusalem to terminate the deal. Condemned the deal in Ramallah. According to her published statement, the debt of the Patriarchate to preserve the Christian possession, using them to strengthen the presence of Christians in the Palestinian territories.

Greek Orthodox Church sold the site in Jaffa company from the Islands of the Caribbean 18.07.2017

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