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Groundhog day: furry forecaster promises an early spring

The most famous forecaster in the world, living in located in Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney and working just one day a year, predicts an early spring. Groundhog Phil, being in the sun, did not see his shadow. According to legend, that means spring is here.

Every year on February 2nd at 7:25 a.m. local time Keeper retrieves the furry forecaster and watching his reaction. If the Groundhog sees its shadow, winter will last another six weeks. If he will behave like today – wait warming.

Phil is the oldest resident of Pennsylvania, in 2016 marking the 175th anniversary. For the first time it is referred to in a document Dating back to 1841. Although groundhogs live for about 10 years, the legend has it that all these years, the weather predicts the same rodent.

Colleagues Phil, belonging to Homo Sapiens, challenged the qualifications of the meteorologist, representing the species Marmota Monax. They state that it was wrong in 60% of cases. The most scandalous was a resounding failure, recorded in 2013. Then early winter is predicted America was waiting for the freeze, which lasted until March.

However, fans of local legends claim that this is due to the envious insinuations. According to them, Phil is right in at least three cases out of four, that is more often than dealing with the forecasting of weather people.

World fame came to Phil in 1993, when the screens released film «Groundhog Day» with bill Murray in the lead role. The story of the arrogant TV presenter, who came to Punxsutawney, caught in a time loop, and changed for the better, won tens of millions of viewers.

Groundhog day: furry forecaster promises an early spring 02.02.2016

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