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Guide to obtaining a refund of your money from the IRS

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According to the results of the audit conducted by the state Comptroller in the state Treasury from the years, stored the billions of shekels that belong to the citizens.

How to check whether you put the money back? Who to contact if the refund? What to do in this case?


How is it that many employees on a tax refund?

This is because employers are charged a tax on your monthly salary, do not always produce correct calculations.

Who put a tax refund?

There are many scenarios under which the worker is entitled to a tax refund, including:
— Dismissal
— Leave for pregnancy and childbirth
— The changing workplace
— The presence of children with disabilities
— Repatriation or the status of expatriate
— Obtaining the first academic degree
— Losing stock investments

What you need to do to get a refund?

Turning to a tax Advisor, you will have to pay about 1,000 shekels for the opening of the case and 30% of the position you a refund.

It is preferable to contact the firm specializing exclusively in the tax return.

In specializing in the tax return of the company «Law and Finance» open the case only after filling in the questionnaire, with 97 percent probability indicates that the client on tax return. The company is simply unprofitable to open a case for the man who has no chance to return, since she earns money just for the tax refund to employees.

The average statutory return to customers authenticated, is 8.750 shekels.

In «Law and Finance» trying to maximize the size of the refund.
Don’t give up your right to money from the state.

Contact without delay to the company and check whether you put the money from the state. The test is free of charge.

Only if testing shows that you put a tax refund and you can get money from the state, you are advised to open a case.

All the work will be done by the company. You will just have to wait when the money will be transferred into your account.

To fill in the questionnaire of the company «Law and Finance» to check your chances of a tax refund

Guide to obtaining a refund of your money from the IRS 23.01.2018

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