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Guide to Saturday public transport in Israel

In connection with the request of Knesset members from religious parties to cease the work of public transport on Saturdays, was prepared a material in which it is told that in some Israeli towns such routes are, when they depart and return, where the stops are and how much travel.

Several public organizations and municipalities implement civil transportation for the convenience of the population, and the demand for them is constantly increasing. You can see the full guide Israeli public transport at the weekend.

Organization «Sha-bus» provides transportation on several routes on Friday evening. These routes are intended primarily for young people traveling fun. But not only that. There are also routes from mA’ale Adumim to Jerusalem (from 20 o’clock in the evening on Friday until 4am on Saturday) and the LRC-Adasi in Jerusalem (departure at 22:00, return at 3:00). In addition, there is a bus traveling from Rosh ain via Ramat HaSharon in tel Aviv. He leaves at 22:00 and returns at 2:30.

On Saturday morning at 10:00 the bus of the organization «Sha-bus» leaves from mA’ale Adumim to Jerusalem, and at 10:30 he moves from Jerusalem to tel Aviv. Return at 16:30 in tel-Aviv beach «Frishman».

Next weekend will begin a new route, which will stretch from «cinema city» in Rishon LeZion to Holon and then to tel Aviv. The bus will leave Saturday morning and return in the afternoon.

Detailed information about the routes of buses can be found on the website of the organization «Sha-bus» and on its page in social network Facebook. There is pre-book seats on intercity routes.

The location of bus stops in each city can be found on the map available at the Internet website of the organization. For this you need to select your location of interest.

The fare on the route of Rosh ha-ain and tel Aviv in both directions – 20 NIS. Jerusalem – tel Aviv and back – 25 NIS. In all other routes the price is the same as in urban public transport – 5 NIS. 90 AG.

Organization «Noah-Tanoi» performs Saturday transport on several routes in gush Dan. 63 the route passes through Ramat-Ghana, Givataim and tel Aviv, the route number 18 connects bat Yam, Jaffa and tel Aviv.

The project needs funding, and the cost of travel by bus – 9 NIS. You need to pay using the application HopOn, instructions can be found on the Internet website of the organization «Noah-Tanya».

There are also 61 route of Ramat Gan in tel Aviv and a bus that connects be’er Sheva with the coast of Ashkelon.

Buses of this organization, deliver passengers from Saturday morning to evening. For more information about the routes of buses can be found on the website of the organization «Noah-Tanoi» and on its page in social network Facebook.

The Holon municipality is implementing in the summer months, free transportation to tel Aviv and back in the night from Friday to Saturday. This year the municipal bus 489 route will operate on Fridays from June 30 to August 25. Departure from Holon from 23:00 to 1:00. The bus will stop near a popular recreation zones in Holon and tel Aviv. Back this Marshrut goes from 1:00 to 4:00 every half hour.

In RA’anana in recent years, on Saturdays also subject to municipal passenger transport. Accurate information about the route of movement of buses around the city can be found on the website of the municipality of Raanana and on his page in social network Facebook. The service is available mainly in the summer months. The buses are free.

Municipality of Herzliya also provides Shuttle free transportation from the city to the coast. Buses depart every half hour from 8 am to 16 hours on Saturdays. Every hour served minibus, adapted for the needs of passengers with physical limitations. Details about the routes of movement of buses around the city can be found on the website of the city of Herzliya.

Intracity public transport on Saturdays

In addition to Sabbath services provided by municipalities and public organizations, are the routes of major bus companies. These buses run less frequently than weekdays, and the number of available places is limited. They are also only in some regions. For example, in Haifa, with its mixed Jewish and Arab population, there is public transportation on Saturdays. Buses leave mostly from the Central bus station and pass through the neighborhoods of Hadar and Neve-shaanan neighborhood. One of the routes of calls in located near Haifa, the city of Nesher.
On Fridays public transport in Haifa stops about an hour before the Shabbat begins and it resumes from 21:30-22:00 and 04:00-05:00. Saturday morning at 9:30 buses begin to walk again. For the Sabbath day transport operates on a reduced schedule, but in the summer months, the number of buses on the routes leading from the centre and the suburbs to the beaches, increase. Saturday work is also one of the lines of the system of surface transport «Metronit». A complete list and schedule of the routes of Haifa Saturday buses is available on the website of the company «egged».

Public transport on Saturdays also in Eilat, but on a reduced schedule and routes that meet, first and foremost, the needs of tourists. However, a number of routes has a license to enter the city after the beginning of Sabbath until its end. 15 bus route connects Eilat with the checkpoint tab.

Running public transport on Saturdays in Nitrate, nazrat-ILIT, Umm El Fahm. In most of the towns and villages of Galilee with the non-Jewish population on Saturdays, buses are also available. In total, on Saturdays there are hundreds of bus routes.

The routes of major bus companies are not serviced on Saturdays (with the exception of a number of routes in Haifa, about which we talked above). Thus, in practice, some buses are breaking the Sabbath. Especially in the summer months, when the Sabbath ends late. So, the route 18 bus company «Dan» travel from bat Yam to tel Aviv at 18:25 – well before the end of the Sabbath. In the company’s management say about that «Dan» is valid, in accordance with the license of Ministry of transport».

In total for January 2016 in Israel, there were 376 bus routes, worked on Saturdays in accordance with the licence of the Ministry of transport. «In Israeli society there is a broad consensus (more than 70% of the population) on the issue of Sabbath public transport in cities with a majority secular population, emphasizes Eyal Ackerman, from the organization «Free Israel» («Israel Hofshit»), which for the past years fighting for public transportation on Saturday. And this figure is growing from year to year. Not surprisingly, in the last two years we have seen a lot of private initiatives that are attempting to fill a serious system vacuum caused by the lack of basic services to the population». What could be simpler and clearer need public transport on weekends? «In all Western countries at weekends, public transport, and so it must be in Israel – said Ackerman. The buses have to walk in cities where the majority of the population wants it, bearing in mind the feelings of all residents.»

Besides buses, in many cities on weekends cruising taxis that have permission of the Ministry of transport. The full list of their routes and stops is available on the website of the Ministry of transport or phone call *8787 (plus — 3 for the Russian-speaking representative).

Material provided by the organization «Free Israel». Information was published on the website «Mako». Author: Mor Levi

Guide to Saturday public transport in Israel 29.06.2017

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