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Haaretz: Israeli Ambassador in Moscow received assurances that Russia is not arming Hizbullah

Israel’s Ambassador to Moscow, Zvi Heifetz arrived in Jerusalem to participate in the annual ambassadors ‘ conference, organized by the Ministry of foreign Affairs. Monday, 1 February, he made a presentation at the Commission meeting of the Knesset foreign Affairs and defense.

Political observer of the newspaper «Haaretz» Barak Ravid, citing unnamed members of the Israeli Knesset who was present at this meeting, writes about the content of performances by Heifetz. He also notes that the statement by the Ambassador at the meeting of the Commission – the ordinary event.

According to these sources, Zvi Heifetz commented on the publication of The Daily Beast, in which three weeks ago it was alleged that Russia is arming the Lebanese Hizbullah. According to the diplomat, Moscow has given assurances that it does not transfer weapons to Hezbollah in Syria. He also noted that currently the relations between Russia and Israel «are flourishing more than ever.»

The Daily Beast wrote: the Hizbullah are getting heavy weapons – including tactical missiles long range, missiles with laser guidance system and anti-tank weapons directly from Russia without restrictive conditions. Commanders of Hizbullah called Russia a strategic ally and said that the Russians depend on «Hezbollah» in intelligence when choosing targets. The publication also stated that the Russian military instructing «Hezbollah» security of their stockpiles of weapons in Syria, and the command of this group has access to weapons and munitions that are stored there.

As stated by Heifetz at the meeting of the Commission on foreign Affairs and defense, high-ranking officials in the Russian Foreign Ministry assured him that the allegations sounded in the publication the Daily Beast, were unfounded. He also said in Moscow that there had been «internal investigation» which showed that no weapons were transferred to Hezbollah by the Russian military in Syria.

According to Heifetz, between Russia and Israel have established a partnership, while Jerusalem has made clear Moscow, where the «red lines» against Iran, Syria and Hizbullah. The Ambassador also expressed the view that the Russian military operation in Syria dictated by its own interests of the Kremlin, not by the desire to support an ally – Bashar al-Assad.

During the performance, Heifetz mentioned the recent visit to Israel, the special representative of the President of Russia on settlement in Syria by Alexander Lavrentiev.

Zvi Heifetz also commented on Israel’s position regarding the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, stressing that a balanced policy, not to harm the Jews living in those countries.

Haaretz: Israeli Ambassador in Moscow received assurances that Russia is not arming Hizbullah 02.02.2016

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