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Hackers stole documents on cyber security of the IDF

Hackers broke into the computer systems of the American cybersecurity company Fireeye, stealing a significant amount of classified and sensitive information, including internal correspondence and documents for work with clients.

Fireeye is one of the largest companies in the field of information security. She specializiruetsya on the protection of infrastructural facilities, banks and financial institutions, law enforcement agencies and industrial companies.

Among the clients of the Israeli branch of the company – the Israel defense forces, governmental agencies, banks and large high-tech company, says «kalkalist».

As the portal TNW, hackers managed to access the computer lead analyst in gathering information on cyber threats to ADI Peretz, working in the Security company Mandiant, «daughter» Fireeye.

According to the portal, the hackers about a year, receiving information from the computer Peretz in «operation #LeakTheAnalyst» («slay Analytics»).

Prey for the hackers are network configuration, analysis of cyber threats to the IDF, the work plans of the company and a lot of other information that was posted by them on the Internet.

When you publish on the theft of information, the authors of hacking has left the following message:

«No one understands the level of dedication necessary for cracking heavily fortified network when it is necessary to bypass all installed to protect the network system to write code and hack not for money but for the pleasure to go there, where there can be none. Sometimes the know-it-all professionals are trying to read your sick mind and disrupt your plans. For a long time, we, 31337 hackers tried to avoid those trendy «analysts» who are trying to track us on the «footprints of our attacks» and prove that they are better than us. As part of operation #LeakTheAnalyst we will track them in Facebook, Linked-in, Tweeter and so forth, to lay out all their information, damage their reputation, and to hell with the consequences».

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Hackers stole documents on cyber security of the IDF 31.07.2017

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