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«Halal Tikshoret» announced the final loss of the satellite, built in Russia

Israeli company satellite communication «the Halal Tikshoret» reported to the stock exchange on the final loss of the satellite «Amos 5». The report said that based on reports from the manufacturer of the satellite we can confidently say that the «Amos 5» is permanently lost. The manufacturer has formed a working group that tried unsuccessfully to reestablish communication with the satellite, and now studies that could lead to failure of systems.

«The Halal Tikshoret» in the report to the stock exchange indicates that, «according to visual observations, the satellite moves in the orbit characteristic of the apparatus, having completely lost their control system».

Russian company JSC «Information satellite systems» named after academician M. F. Reshetnev» producer «Amos 5», reported that the satellite is completely de-energized. His further exploitation impossible.

«Amos 5» was launched on 11 December 2011 from Baikonur cosmodrome and was supposed to work until 2027, providing communication services, broadcasting, broadband Internet in Africa and Israel. However, since the launch three times reported about the problems in the operation of the satellite until 21 November, it was not lost contact completely.

Radio station «Sieves Beth» gave: after the company «Halal of Tikshoret» completed the formalities and reported to the stock exchange about the loss of a companion, she can contact the insurance company. The machine was insured for $ 158 million, which should fully cover the cost «of Tikshoret Halal» on the production and launch of the satellite.

«Halal Tikshoret» announced the final loss of the satellite, built in Russia 15.12.2015

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