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Haley — the UN Council on human rights: five resolutions on Israel and none for Venezuela

The US can secede from the UN Council on human rights, which was biased against Israel. It has been stated by the us permanent representative Nikki Haley during a speech at the 35th session of this structure, which takes place in new York.

«You know that the US is closely watching the activities of the Council and will participate actively in decision-making. The point is that this organization, the credibility of which is suspect at best, suffers from chronic anti-Israel bias,» said Haley, whose visit to the Jewish state begins tomorrow, June 7.

The US Ambassador stressed that this session is extremely important to take «strong decisions» on Syria, Congo, Eritrea, Belarus and Ukraine, and to protect the rights of citizens of these countries.

«There is no place for cultural relativism. The Council on human rights, should strongly condemn violence and discrimination against women and end trafficking», – quotes the words of Hayley news Agency Reuters.

The us Ambassador paid special attention to Venezuela, saying that if the authorities can’t follow international laws, then they must leave the Council for human rights and begin to clean up their own house.

Haley found it quite strange that the Council never addressed the issue of Venzuela, but only in March adopted five resolutions condemning Israel.

Experts believe it is unlikely the US withdrawal from this structure until the end of the current session, which runs until June 23.

Haley — the UN Council on human rights: five resolutions on Israel and none for Venezuela

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