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Hamas celebrates 13-year anniversary of the elimination of Rantisi

«Islamic resistance movement» (Hamas) to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the liquidation of the Israeli military leader of the terrorist organization Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi.

On the website «Izaddina brigades of al-Qassam», the military wing of Hamas, published a compilation of materials on Rantisi.

Besides the the biography of Rantisi on this website is published reminder, in honor of «the Martyr» named R160 rocket that in July 2014 I flew from Gaza to Haifa, setting a distance record for rockets produced in the Gaza strip. Hamas militants vow to continue to go «by Rantisi» and to retaliate against Israel for his death.

Recall that a year ago, 18 April 2016, the day after Hamas said 12 years since the death of Rantisi, in Jerusalem was blown up the passenger bus 12-th route. As a result of the attack suffered about 20 people.

Curriculum vitae

Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi was born on 23 Oct 1947 in Ibne (now Yavne, South of tel Aviv), he had 11 brothers and sisters. In 1948, the Rantisi family fled to the Gaza strip (at that time – the territory of Egypt) and settled in Khan Younis.

In 1965, Abd al-Aziz, at the end of high school, went to Alexandria, where he entered the University medical faculty and graduated it certified pediatrician. In 1972 he returned to the Gaza strip, where he worked as a pediatrician. In 1974-76 continued her education at Alexandria University.

Was one of the founders of the Islamic center in Gaza (1973), in 1976 he returned to the Gaza strip, where he engaged in political activities and continued to work as a doctor in Khan Yunis.

In 1978-1988, he taught at the Islamic University and in parallel worked at the hospital in Khan Younis.

In 1987 became one of the six founders of the Islamic movement Hamas, declared the goal of «the middle East without a Jewish state».

In the same year was among the leaders of the first Palestinian intifada. In March 1988, was arrested by Israeli intelligence services until September 1990 was in prison. He loved to reminisce about his prison past (at one time he shared a cell with Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, who became the spiritual leader of Hamas).

In December 1992, was deported by the Israeli authorities from Gaza to Marj AZ-Zuhur (South Lebanon), where he again found himself surrounded by «associates» of the Hamas – worked «by a representative of the refugees» came to the fore due to the good knowledge of the English language, education and proficiency in oratory, in Lebanon Rantisi was the actual «speaker of Hamas.»

In December 1993 he returned to the Gaza strip and was soon arrested by Israeli security services, was in prison until April 1997. In 1998, he was arrested by the Palestinian intelligence services (in April 1998, Rantisi accused the Palestinian authority in collaboration with Israel and involvement in the destruction of one of the «engineers of Hamas» Muhiddin Sharif, he made calling for the overthrow of Arafat). In February 2000, was released; in July 2000 and arrested again by the Palestinian security services on charges of «preparing an armed uprising». In December 2000, a few months after the beginning of the «intifada al-Aqsa», was released from prison by personal decree of Yassir Arafat, however, from time to time Rantisi were «under house arrest».

With physical infirmity, Sheikh Yassin, Rantisi, in 2001, became the de facto leader of Hamas, which coordinated the actions of the militants and was planning new attacks, until his last days he remained a public figure with pleasure gave interview, talked about the need to continue the uncompromising struggle against Israel. In 2003, Rantisi refused to negotiate with the Palestinian authority government.

After March 2004, the Israeli air force killed Sheikh Yassin, Rantisi security has been strengthened. However, he continued to take journalists. Shortly before his death, in an interview with Russian NTV, he said that he was ready to run for «President of Palestine».

Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi, was liquidated on 17 April 2004.

Hamas celebrates 13-year anniversary of the elimination of Rantisi 18.04.2017

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