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Hamas has established «the award Yassin» for the fighters for human rights

In connection with the 14th anniversary of the liquidation of Sheik Yassin Ahmad the leadership of the Hamas terrorist organization announced the establishment of the «award Yassin» will be awarded for merits in the fight for social freedom and human rights.

At the ceremony the establishment of the prize was attended by representatives of the Hamas leadership, including former Politburo member of this organization, Mahmoud Zahar, who is considered one of the closest associates of Yasin.

Ahmad Yasin. Curriculum vitae

Ahmad Yasin (Sheikh Ahmad Ismail Yassin), according to various sources, was born in 1936 or 1938, in the village of al-Jura (district of al-Majdal, Gaza strip). Since 1948 his family lived in a refugee camp in the Gaza. Was paralyzed 12 years, after a bad fall while playing football. Since he could not move independently.

Yasin has not received formal religious education, but a lot of engaged with private teachers, experts in the field of Islam. Being confined to a wheelchair, Yassin worked as a waiter in a restaurant.

In 1964, he went to Egypt, studied English at Cairo University Ein Shams. In Egypt, Ahmad Yassin contacted the leadership of the Islamist movement «Muslim brotherhood» aims to overthrow the secular regimes and the establishment of a Caliphate in Egypt, Palestine and other territories.

Back in Gaza, Yassin promoted among Palestinian youth, fascinated by the ideas of the Palestine Liberation Organization, strict observance of Sharia law – Islam was not popular among the broad masses of Palestinians.

In 1966, Yassin was arrested by Egyptian authorities for «seditious activities». In 1967, shortly after the six day war, he was released.

In 1969, the year Sheikh Ahmad Yassin was the leader of the Palestinian Muslim «Brotherhood» (Ikhwan). In 1973 he founded and headed the «Islamic Congress» (Mojama).

In 1983, the Israeli authorities had arrested Yassin for illegal possession of weapons, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, but in may 1985, was released under the «prisoner exchange» with the «General command of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine», the militants took place in Lebanon.

In 1987, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin became one of the founders of the «Islamic resistance movement» (Hamas). It was considered the spiritual leader and the main ideologist of this terrorist organization.

In may 1989, Yassin, founder of Hamas, he was arrested again and was sentenced in October of 1991 year to «life imprisonment plus 15 years in prison».

In October 1997, the Israeli authorities released Sheikh Yassin, in the framework of the agreement to release Arab prisoners in exchange for return of two agents of «Mossad», the captured Jordanian secret services after a failed attempt at one of the Hamas leaders Khaled Mashaal.

5 December 2001, after a series of clashes between militants of Hamas with the Palestinian police, Yasin was imprisoned by the administration of the PA under «house arrest» for several months. The same punishment he was subjected to 24 June 2002.

The first attempt the elimination of Sheikh Yassin was taken by the Israeli air force on 6 September 2003 (the operation was planned after a series of attacks-suicide in Rosh ha’ayin, Ariel and Jerusalem). Yassin was slightly wounded. In response, Hamas has carried out 9 September, two suicide bombing attacks in Crivina and Jerusalem. March 22, 2004, Yassin was eliminated by the Israeli air force. Buried in Gaza.

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Hamas has established «the award Yassin» for the fighters for human rights 23.03.2018

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