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Hamas has refused two offers by Israel for the exchange of prisoners

The representative of the Prime Minister of Israel, held captive, Colonel Lior Lotan said that Hamas rejected all voiced their proposals on the exchange of prisoners. This statement was made at the 16th conference of the international policy Institute counter-terrorism (ICT), held in Herzliya.

According to Lior Lotan, at the end of the operation «Indestructible rock» in the hands of Israel the bodies of 19 militants of Hamas, and one of the victims was involved in the kidnapping of Hadar Goldin. In addition, in Israeli prisons were 18 residents of the Gaza strip detained for terrorist activities. Moreover, one of the prisoners, in accordance with the court verdict, will spend in prison was 16.5 years old.

Israel directly, and later through mediators, Hamas proposed a two options: you can exchange all prisoners from Gaza as well as the bodies of all the fighters on the bodies of soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul.

Israel also offered to return to the Gaza strip more than a dozen of its residents detained in Israel in exchange for Israelis who voluntarily went to Gaza. «We are talking about sick people with mental problems. After crossing the border they were detained by Hamas. Hamas is aware of the problems of these people. We are not talking about soldiers. Israel gave Gaza all the necessary medical documents to confirm that these people are sick», — said the speaker.

Both proposals were rejected by Hamas.

«Such exchanges occurring after the end of any armed conflict throughout the world it is considered normal. This exchange was carried out by Israel with Hezbollah before the Second Lebanon war and after it,» said Lotan.

Lior Lotan also said that Hamas as a precondition for continuing negotiations on the return of civilians and the bodies of the Israeli soldiers demanded the release from Israeli prisons of other prisoners who are residents of Judea and Samaria. «It was about prisoners, unrelated to the events in Gaza, nor the operation «Indestructible rock». Of course, Israel could not accept any preliminary conditions», – concluded the representative of the Prime Minister.

By evaluating the actions of Hamas leaders, Lior Lotan said that all the evidence that they act against the interests of the residents of the Gaza strip.

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Hamas has refused two offers by Israel for the exchange of prisoners 13.09.2016

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