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Hamas is losing popularity in favor of «Islamic state»

The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas has recently encountered a variety of difficulties, including economic problems and a lack of stable, authoritative leadership. But the main problem for Hamas in recent years has become the grouping «Islamic state».

Existing in the Gaza strip grouping «Brigades of Sheikh Umar Hadid» called himself the local branch of the IG and started to get more and more young people in Gaza, including Hamas militants. Edition Times reported that in Gaza formed «volunteer battalion of the IG», and no longer than ten Palestinians from Gaza have died in Iraq or Syria fighting in the ranks of this group».

IG criticizes Hamas, accusing the group of religious in insufficient time, as well as in cooperation with Israel. In the leadership of Hamas, meanwhile there was a split in the treatment of IG, writes AVI Issacharov on the website of «Valla». According to him, Ismail Haniya stands for the rupture of relations with the IG, but some leaders of the political and military wing of Hamas, for example, Fathi Hamad and Ayman Nofal willing to cooperate with this movement, in particular, for establishing the smuggling of arms.

Recently it was reported that the Gaza strip visited Shadi al-Maniei, the leader of the group «wilayat Sinai», the Egyptian branch of ISIS. He met with representatives of the leadership of Hamas. It should be noted that recently, sources in Hamas said that «wilayat Sinai» intercepted a shipment of arms intended for Palestinian militants, and left it at home.

The situation in Gaza has not escaped from attention of the Arab media that reported recently Ismail Haniya again trying to restore relations with Tehran, relying on Iranian help in countering ISIS. «Al-Badil» reports that Haniya recently published a video message in which he praised Iran for supporting the «Palestinian intifada».

Meanwhile in the Gaza strip arrived the Qatari representative to discuss the procedure for the restoration of infrastructure destroyed in the summer of 2014 during anti-terrorist operation «enduring rock». Qatar maintains ties with Sunni Islamist movements, in addition, the Emirate is often accused of having ties with ISIS. The current visit of the emissary of Doha in Gaza may further exacerbate divisions within the Hamas leadership.

The Palestinian group also suffers because of the lack of financial resources, exhausted in mind the overlap of most of the smuggling tunnels. Egyptian authorities in recent months actively destroying the tunnels, and in the end, Hamas was left without important sources of money. But many leaders of Hamas continued to prosper, which added to the popularity of the ISIS supporters, sharply criticizing the corruption.

Another problem was the lack of a unified leadership of the military wing of Hamas. According to the «Valla», a group currently headed by a Council of several people.

Hamas is losing popularity in favor of «Islamic state» 11.12.2015

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