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Hamas is supported by Qatar in the conflict with Saudi Arabia

Controlling the Gaza strip, the terrorist group Hamas strongly condemned the statement of the foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubeir, said that one of the reasons of rupture of relations with Qatar was the support of this government of Hamas.

The leadership of the Palestinian Islamists do not hide the fact that the statement of the Minister struck him in shock. The statement noted that the Arab States considered the Palestinian issue Central on the agenda, and Hamas – the leader of the resistance to the Zionist occupation.

«There is no doubt that the Zionist enemy uses the words of the Minister to justify new crimes against the Palestinians, our land and Holy sites, against Jerusalem and the Holy al-Aqsa», the statement reads.

Representative of the leadership of Hamas’s Ahmad Yusuf spoke even more sharply. According to him, Qatar has become a victim of the us-Saud-Israeli coalition. He also expressed confidence that the Emirate will not falter under external pressure, coming from the conflict winner.

Hamas is supported by Qatar in the conflict with Saudi Arabia 07.06.2017

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