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Hamas reports about the impact of the IDF on Gaza. Review of Arab media

The Hamas website «Palestinian information center» reported that the evening of 8 August in Ashkelon, a rocket exploded, which, according to the Israeli army command, was fired from the Gaza strip. No injuries were reported. In response, the Israeli air force attacked the North and West sector. Several people were injured.

Published in the London newspaper «Al-Sharq al-Ausat» writes that in located in the East of Turkey provinces of Agra began the construction of concrete barriers on the Iranian border. It consists of blocks with a height of three meters and weighing seven tons. Wall will be covered 144 kilometres 500-kilometer border between the two countries.

As the channel «al Arabiya», the command of the international coalition has refuted the statement of the people’s mobilization, according to which the coalition is responsible for the air strikes on their positions. Terrorist group «Islamic state» has claimed responsibility for the attack that led to the death of 36 militants.

The website «I Libnan» notes that the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon exceeded a million and a half people. Therefore, they already constitute more than a quarter of the population. Lebanese are Syrians increasingly hostile, believing that they not only drain resources and take jobs, but are involved in terrorist activities. The refugees say that they have nowhere to go.

The Jordanian newspaper «al-Rad» introduces readers to the development plan of the tourist zone of Aqaba. His goal – doubling the number of tourists visiting the resort town, bringing it to 1.2 million people per year. Another challenge is to transform Aqaba into a place of long rest. Now if a tourist spends on average half of the night, by 2025 this figure I want to bring to six nights.

Hamas reports about the impact of the IDF on Gaza. Review of Arab media 09.08.2017

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