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Handelsblatt: Erdogan pulls his hands to the Russian missiles

Turkey buys Russian air defense systems s-400, writes columnist for the German business newspaper Handelsblatt Gerd Heler. According to Ibrahim Kalina, press Secretary of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish side «expects a speedy completion of the negotiations.» Military experts in Ankara also confirmed that «negotiations entered the final stage». We are talking about buying a Turkey in 2018, two batteries with four anti-aircraft missiles. Two more batteries will be transferred to Turkey later.

The transaction amounts to $ 2.5 billion. According to sources familiar with the negotiations, «the terms of payment is still unknown, but rumored to be Russia allegedly wants to Finance the transaction of his loan.»

At the same time, the prospect that Turkey is a NATO country buys Russian weapons, has caused serious discontent in Washington. «If Turkey will sign an agreement with Russia for s-400, it would cause concern,» – said the head of the joint chiefs of staff of the United States Joseph Dunford. But Erdogan said that «does not understand such fears, and that each country must take care of its security.»

For a long time, as stated below, Turkey has been negotiating with the USA on supply of air defense systems Patriot, but they have not brought result. According to Turkish sources, the negotiations failed due to the fact that the US refused to cooperate with Ankara in the production systems and transmit to it the necessary technology.

Turkey, as the publication adds, it is a modern defense systems, because the Turkish army their air and Turkey should be asked to provide them, countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States. For example, the last time its Patriot systems in southern Turkey to protect against aerial attacks from Syria were placed by the German Bundeswehr, but at the end of 2015, the mission was completed.

Handelsblatt: Erdogan pulls his hands to the Russian missiles 01.08.2017

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