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Hanukkah the attack on Muslim Shrine. Review of Arab media

Published in the United Arab Emirates newspaper Gulf News writes that in the days of Hanukkah, the Jews are going to re-encroach on one of the main shrines of Islam – mosque al-Aqsa. The publication quotes eyewitnesses, according to which, dozens of Zionist activists accompanied by the police ascend to the temple mount. The newspaper notes that to pray in a Muslim Shrine Jews allowed.

Published in Saudi newspaper «al-Vatan» informs that in Riyadh started the 36th summit of the Council of the interaction of Gulf States. His main subject is the fight against terror in Syria and Yemen, as well as development of a common approach to Russian meddling in regional politics. Russia came to the aid of Bashar al-Assad, the immediate resignation of which require moderate monarchies of the region.

The TV channel «al Jazeera» reports that Russia continues to increase its grouping in the Eastern Mediterranean. To the shores of Syria came up the newest diesel submarine «Rostov-on-don», armed with cruise missiles. Through the Bosphorus also proceeded landing ship «Caesar Kunikov». In supplying the group participates the world’s largest military transport aircraft an-124.

The website «I Libnan» drew attention to the report of the human rights organization Amnesty International, according to which a large part of the Arsenal of the «Islamic state» – trophies captured during the offensive in the summer of 2014. AI notes that after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein have disappeared any control over coming to Iraq weapons. Now these weapons, mostly of American manufacture, were in the hands of jihadists.

The TV channel «al Arabiya» reported that the U.S. started checking the reports of Iran test ballistic missiles. If these reports are confirmed, Washington intends to apply to the UN Security Council because Tehran had violated two security Council resolutions prohibiting such tests. It is unclear whether this will become the basis for new sanctions.

The newspaper «al-Hayat al-Jarida» writes that early frosts were heavy blow to Palestinian farmers. Weather forecasters inform that such early cold weather has not been since 1992, and representatives of the Ministry of agriculture noted that dry cold air will remain in the region for a long time. Peasants insulated greenhouses, knowing that the PNA will not reimburse them for losses due to bad weather.

Hanukkah the attack on Muslim Shrine. Review of Arab media 09.12.2015

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