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«Hapoalim» rejected a proposal by Fishman debt restructuring with a «haircut» 92%

Bank «Hapoalim» called unacceptable the plan once the debt restructuring of the companies of businessman Eliezer Fishman of composing at the moment of 4.5 billion shekels.

The debts of the Fishman distributed among 10 lenders, including banks «Hapoalim» and «Leumi», which the businessman owed 3.5 billion shekels.

Among other creditors – the state of Israel in the face of the Tax Department and banks «Discount», «Mercantile», «Ihud» and «Mizrahi».

Out of 4.5 billion shekels personal debts of Fishman amount to 3.4 billion shekels, while the value of the pledged assets is estimated at 1.7 billion shekels. It should be noted that part of that amount of pledged shares of a «grandchild» and «pravnuchataya» companies, the real value of which at the moment is difficult to assess.

Under the proposed restructuring plan, the creditors will write off 92% of the debts of the Fishman. The repayment of the remaining debt will be implemented in two stages. In the first stage Fishman to pay 140 million shekels 9 creditors and separately 15 million shekels to the tax Department. In the second stage, after 5 years, Fishman will pay 260 million NIS (the amounts are based on the assessment of income, «Fishman Resalat» and «A. T. Ohsako Kirur».

«Hapoalim» rejected a proposal by Fishman debt restructuring with a «haircut» 92% 06.06.2017

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