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HASHAVA is looking for the heirs of Oscar Kogan from Lodz

Israeli state-owned company to track down and return the property of Jews who perished in the Holocaust, (HASHAVA) continues to search for heirs of the property located in Israel and owned by Jews who lived in the late XIX — early XX centuries in Europe and in Russia and other countries of the European part of the former USSR. The efforts of a special state structure, aimed at finding the heirs of Jews killed in the Holocaust, but already before the war to acquire assets or securities in mandated Palestine. The press service of HASHAVA notes that the descendants of these people, especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union, are not even aware that they may wait for such important news from the distant past.

HASHAVA, the company is asking for help in the search for the heirs of Oscar Kogan (Kogan Oskar or Kohan), who owned land in Northern Israel worth about 200 thousand US dollars. Oscar Cohen was born in Lodz at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is known that his father’s name was Yankel, and he was the owner of a textile factory.

Employees HASHAVA found out that in the early twentieth century in Lodz lived 2 people named Oscar Kogan, and both fathers name was Yankel. Because the company still failed to find the descendants of any of them, it is unknown which of the two Oscars Cogan was the owner of property in Israel.

It is noteworthy that traces of both lead Oscars to the territory of the former USSR.

According to HASHAVA, one Oscar Kogan, who was born in Lodz from Yankel Cohen in the early twentieth century, was, apparently, an accountant. During the Second world war he was in Bukhara (Uzbekistan), may have been married and had children. But its further fate is not known.

Second Oscar Cohen was born in Lodz in the early twentieth century (apparently, in 1903), also his father’s name was Yankel. It is known that in the thirties he lived in the city of Bialystok (Bialystok), and in June 1940 he was repressed and condemned, was sent to the KOMI ASSR in the special settlement. Mandach Syktyvdinsky area. There it was lost.

HASHAVA, the company hopes that someone from the descendants of both Oscars Cogan from Lodz will respond. May be, will respond to the people who knew or met Oscar Kogan in Bukhara or in the village of Mandach of the Republic of KOMI.

HELP from the HASHAVA company
Since the late nineteenth century to the end of the thirties of the XX century, tens of thousands of Jews living in the countries of the North-Eastern part of Europe and in Russia, acquired in the mandated Palestine lands, real estate and stocks of the Jewish Colonial Trust (Jewish Colonial Trust), opened accounts and rented safety Deposit boxes. Many considered this move of the Zionist act, investment in the renewal of Jewish life in the land of their forefathers. Some of them dreamed that the hour will come, and they will be able to immigrate to Eretz Yisrael.

But as you know, in the twentieth century many dreams never came to fruition. In the computer database of the HASHAVA company today contains about 60,000 names of the owners of property acquired by the Jews of Europe and Russia until the thirties of the last century. Many of them died in the Second world war, when whole families were completely destroyed in the Hellfire of the Holocaust, and in some cases not left anyone alive who could talk about their hopes to start a new life in the Holy Land.

Company for the restitution of property of victims of the Holocaust was founded in Israel in 2006, in accordance with special legislation, and one of the tasks of this company to notify potential heirs about the assets in Israel and unclaimed to this day. With this purpose was created the website where published about 60,000 names of people who have not realized their right to property in Israel.

HASHAVA the company’s goal is to ensure historical justice and return to the one who will be recognized as the heir, the property of his family. And, no less importantly, the search for heirs gives the opportunity to all representatives of the post-war generations to seek and find their roots.

HASHAVA is looking for the heirs of Oscar Kogan from Lodz 22.12.2015

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