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Hassan Nasrallah: «Donald trump is only interested in money and Israel»

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah addressed thousands of supporters of Hizbullah, took part in the ceremony to mark the 17th anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon, which was held in the city of Hermel. His speech was pre-recorded and broadcast on screens installed in the square.

The Secretary General of Hizbullah said that his organization has chosen this year, Hermel for the ceremony to pay tribute to the people of this city, «who have paid with their lives for freedom.»

In his speech, the leader of the Shiite terrorist group commented on the Riyadh regional summit that Hizbullah was named as a terrorist organization. «I would like to reassure the Lebanese people on the occasion of the statements made in Riyadh, and say that they will not have any impact on the internal situation in Lebanon,» Nasrallah was quoted by the TV channel «al-Manar».

«We are not afraid of neither war, nor sanctions, nor the bad press. The resistance movement cannot be intimidated by threat of death,» said Nasrallah.

Referring to the US President’s visit to the middle East, the Secretary-General of Hizbullah stated that Donald trump is only interested in money and Israel. He also accused Saudi Arabia in an attempt to bribe the trump to maintain its leadership in the region.

Hassan Nasrallah: «Donald trump is only interested in money and Israel» 26.05.2017

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