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He died a Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo – the most famous dissident of China

Liu Xiaobo, the world’s most famous Chinese human rights activist, Nobel peace prize 2010, died of liver cancer at the age of 61 years, reported on Thursday, July 13, international media and, in particular, the news service of the BBC, citing official sources.

Last month Xiaobo, who was imprisoned by the sentence of the court, serving 11-year sentence on charges of Subversion, was transferred to a hospital, where he died.


Liu Xiaobo was born in Changchun, in the family of a University Professor-a Communist who was persecuted during the cultural revolution and was exiled to the countryside. In his youth he worked in a factory, then entered the University of Jilin province, after which he began to teach Philology.

In 1988, in an interview with the Hong Kong journalist on the question of how much time will it take China to go through this historical transformation, he replied: «three Hundred years of colonialism the need to China. Hundred years it took to Hong Kong in order for it to become what it is today, and considering how big China which is a huge country with a huge population, not less than 300 years of the colonial regime in China can promote a true historical transformation». This quote Chinese authorities use in their propaganda to represent Liu Xiaobo a traitor to the national interests.
In 1989 during the protests at Tiananmen square, Liu Xiaobo urged the students to peacefully leave the area to avoid casualties. He was arrested and was in prison until 1999.
Since 2003 Xiaobo was the head of the Chinese PEN center, in 2008 signed the Charter 08 , demanding democratic reforms. In December 2009 he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for inciting Subversion of the state system.
The decision was condemned by the EU, USA and UN high Commissioner for human rights.

In early 2010, Vaclav Havel, the Dalai Lama and other prominent public figures nominated him for the Nobel prize. China’s foreign Ministry called the decision a mistake.
However, on 8 October 2010, Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel peace prize for long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of China said that this award is contrary to the principles of the Nobel prize, because Liu Xiaobo is in jail for violation of Chinese laws, while the Nobel prize was created to strengthen peace and friendship among Nations and disarmament. Chinese media did not report on the award of the Nobel prize Liu Xiaobo, and placed under house arrest his wife.

At the Nobel peace prize, Liu Xiaobo was absent from the ambassadors of Afghanistan, Vietnam, Venezuela, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, China,Colombia, Cuba, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Sudan, Tunisia and the Philippines.

The Russian Ambassador also absent, citing a previously scheduled trip. Ukraine was represented at the ceremony, first Secretary of the Embassy in Norway Iryna Bilorus. Liu Xiaobo was the only one in the modern history of the Nobel prize, which not only was not allowed to attend the ceremony, but did not allow her to even through loved ones.

According to the website Wikipedia

He died a Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo – the most famous dissident of China 13.07.2017

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