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Health insurance company Maccabi accused of insulting the Russian-speaking Israelis

The HMO Maccabi has published a video on the Internet featuring popular comedian Adir Miller, designed to attract new customers. Many Israelis perceived the advertising as residuo.

Miller represents the employee center service Russian-speaking clients. With people who turn in cash for medical care or are interested in the possibility of transition in Maccabi, the Joker speaks mangled Hebrew with exaggerated Russian accent.

«Girl, we in Israel, we speak Hebrew», — under laughter of the staff of the service centre asks the comedian to a resident of Ashdod, decided to go to Maccabi. Despite the fact that the interviewee has difficulty speaking in Hebrew, he continues to talk to her in the language of the «ulama of hadashim».

«Dima, any moron talks to me from Maccabi», — the woman shares with someone on the other end. It is noteworthy that the authors of the video did not begin to translate this phrase into Hebrew. «I can also say something you do not understand,» says Miller, advising her to switch to» M.» across the street.

The publication of the video caused controversy in social networks. Particularly fierce it took on the website of the Deputy mayor of Ashdod Gabriel Knafa, which was a proud mention of his native city in advertising popular health insurance Fund.

To a question from users, why Knafo publishes a video that insults a fifth of residents, the Deputy mayor reported that we are talking about satire. «It has a lot to say about Ashdod, so I did and published», — he wrote.

«It’s not funny. On «Russian», as well as all others, you can laugh, but not the same,» reads one comment. Another commentator believes that such humour was appropriate for the scene, but not in the conversation with the person requesting assistance in the health insurance Fund.

Can be found on Facebook and the reaction of the doctor who neskasannoe joy to those that does not work in Maccabi. «ARE DISGUSTING!!! MAXIMUM REPOST!» – calls the user , who calls the movie «pozornaya advertising campaign in the history of Israel» that offend the entire Russian-speaking community.

However, there is a roller and supporters. Many of them remind us that it is a sin not to laugh at what seems funny. Companion of Adira Miller has also been compared to popular character of the satirical show «Eretz Nehederet» – the cashier Any Woman who, despite her poor knowledge of Hebrew, could always insist on his own – thanks to diehard «Russian» character.

Health insurance company Maccabi accused of insulting the Russian-speaking Israelis 24.02.2016

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