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«Heavenly Union,» and Putin’s trump: billionaire is sure that competitors are desperately jealous

Billionaire Donald trump, a leading candidate for the US presidency from the Republican party, has repeatedly expressed his sympathy to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin stating last Saturday during the rally in Iowa, rivals the Republicans simply envy him.

«They’re jealous of me. Putin says they are not and not even going to mention, and that is why they scream «We don’t want to be friends with Putin» Apparently they prefer to spend another five trillion dollars to fight it. We just have to be realistic, because we have no more money. We are a poor nation, forced to borrow money», – quotes the words trump the Washington Post.

Last Friday, trump gave an interview to MSNBC and indirectly defended Putin against charges of murder of the journalists, saying that the US too often kill. Former candidate for the post of head of the White house, MITT Romney devoted to the presentation, post on Twitter, writing: «trump has twice mentioned by Putin in his speech».

Last week Senator John McCain, ironically, commented on Putin’s words about the trump, calling them «a pair whose Union is concluded in heaven,» and the Governor of Ohio John Kasich created a satirical website inviting Trump and Putin to go on elections under the slogan «let’s Make great tyranny again!».

In the course of this week’s debate the Republican candidates, some of them refused to elect to cooperate with Moscow. Carly Fiorina, the former head of Hewlett-Packard, said she would not speak with Putin as long as the U.S. will not establish a no-fly zone in Syria and will not restore the missile defense system in Poland. The new Jersey Governor Chris Christie has promised to give the order to shoot down Russian plane, if he would invade no-fly zone.

In contrast, trump expressed readiness to cooperate with Russia, after Vladimir Putin called him a very talented man. «Not our business to determine its merits, it’s a matter of the U.S. voters, but he is the absolute leader of the presidential race. He says that he wants to move to a different level of relationship, more dense, deeper level of relations with Russia, how can we not welcome it? Of course, we welcome that,» said the Russian leader during last week’s press conference.

In response, trump thanked the Russian President for the compliment, saying that he considers it an honor to merit such words from the man, «so beloved in his country and abroad.»

«Heavenly Union,» and Putin’s trump: billionaire is sure that competitors are desperately jealous 20.12.2015

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