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Hebron – the Palestinian flagship e-crime. Review of Arab media

Appearing in a London newspaper and «al-Hayat» noted a significant increase in the intensity of hostilities in the North of Syria. Russian air force conduct a massive bombardment of Aleppo and surrounding areas, Turkish artillery shelled positions of Kurdish self-defense groups, which Ankara considers terrorists. Units of the Saudi army started deployment in Turkey to begin preparation for the «imminent» invasion.

Lebanon celebrates 14 February 11 anniversary of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. According to local Daily Star, memorable date country meets in the almost two-year political crisis. While politicians and religious figures urged the Lebanese to unity, the Parliament still unable to elect the President, and the events in Syria are having an increasingly strong influence on the country.

The Agency Maan reports that Palestinian underworld develops methods of committing electronic crimes. This forced Palestinian police to create a special Department to counter the criminals. The record for high-tech crime became Hebron. There were 126 such crimes. In second place – Jenin, lagged behind by almost half.

Egyptian newspaper «al-Ahram» quoted the first President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi in front of the Parliament of the new convocation. The President reported that transfers to the deputies of the fullness of the legislature, and stated that its main objectives –protection of Egypt from terror and economic development of the country.

Telecel «al-Arabiya» reports that Iranian authorities banned the country’s citizens to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Local media circulated a statement to the police, according to which attempts to celebrate February 14 as is customary in Western countries, would be considered a criminal attempt to impose an alien culture. Also warned the owners of the cafe, flower shop and sweets.

Hebron – the Palestinian flagship e-crime. Review of Arab media 14.02.2016

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