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Hero Pyotr Voykov and «international terrorist attack» in Crimea. Review of the Russian media

«Argentina will define the boundaries of friendship with Russia» – so the article published Tuesday, the newspaper «Kommersant». This article States that in Argentina ended the 12-year reign of the Kirchner family. Victory in the second round of the presidential election was won by opposition leader Mauricio Macri, bypassed the candidate from the ruling bloc «Front for victory» by Daniel Scioli, who was unable to distance himself from the current government and, in fact, became extreme failure kirchneristas economic model.

Surrounded by Makri given to understand that the new head of state can initiate the renegotiation of several contracts with Russia, which it considers to be politically motivated. Russian businessmen working in Argentina, however, doubt this, claiming: implementation of the already agreed upon project beneficial to both parties.

The official representative of the German foreign Ministry Martin Schaefer acted yesterday with criticism of undermining Ukraine transmission towers. He called the shutdown of the Crimea from electricity «crime» and urged Kiev to investigate the actions of the attackers.

«Attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine, including that their aim was to disable the Crimea from electricity is a crime» – quoted by TASS representative of the German foreign office. According to him, the result of blowing up of transmission lines «are not respected the actual agreement for the supply of electricity to the Crimea»

Today in the Vatican held the first hearing on the case of the leak of confidential information «Utilex-2», writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

Appear before the court at once, two journalists, emiliano Fittipaldi and Gianluigi Nuzzi, used in his scandalous new books titled «Greed» and «Merchants in the temple» stolen from the Vatican the materials testifying to financial frauds and corruption in the Vatican. The Union of journalists of the country and the foreign press Association in Italy sided with the media representatives, expressing its deep concern about the violations of freedom of speech.

This week the Verkhovna Rada plans to clarify the rules of sale of state property. After that in Ukraine will be declared a so-called large privatization. A year ago it was assumed that the sale of hundreds of attractive facilities will take place this year, now we are talking about 2016. One of the first, the government plans to privatize Odesa port plant (OPZ), around which, once again, sparked by a corruption scandal.

This weekend it became known about searches on the SCR. Militiamen established that the enterprise in 2015 to sell their products to a foreign company at prices significantly below market value, writes Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

The same magazine published on Tuesday an article entitled «the Parisians change their attitude to migrants», in which the author, journalist Igor Gashkov, reports: for the third autumn meeting in support of migrants, held in Paris on Sunday night, risks becoming the last. Manifestation de facto thwarted terrorist attacks: the interest of the Parisians for the protection of refugees has declined due to the fact that the attacks suspect native of Syria, held in October registration as a forced migrant.

The first, with whom Putin held a bilateral meeting, on arriving in Iran, was the spiritual leader of Iran Ali Khamenei, who is the President of Russia gave an old manuscript of the Quran. The conversation lasted an hour and a half for Iranian journalists in eager rivalry began to tell about a break in supply to Tehran s-300: Russia has started the procedure for exporting these anti-aircraft missile systems, writes «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

«Komsomolskaya Pravda» published an interview with the intelligence historian Alexander Kolpakidi, which claims: Pyotr Voykov in the king didn’t shoot and diamond was assigned – he was a «hero who died for this nation and for what is now the mass of strange people who call themselves believers somehow believe needed this hero to be despised, to kick and to slander him».

«Voikov participated in the enlarged meeting of the Ural Council, which unanimously voted for execution. So he certainly bears responsibility for the shooting of the family. But I draw your attention to the following fact. The decision of the Ural Council was approved by higher authority – the Central Executive Committee. The decision of the Ural Council has approved the majority of the population of the country,» recalls the scientist.

Instead of meaningless and useless food blockade of the Crimea began power, is much more risky. The entire Soviet period the Peninsula was rebuilt so that it remained dependent on power grids and water networks of Ukraine. It seemed closer and more logical – «the country is surely one». In fact, infrastructure considerations and justified the fatal transfer of Crimea to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954.

To assume the collapse of the USSR and the emergence of the need to pull the power lines from the Kuban then, of course, no one could. This temporary energy vulnerabilities of the Crimea and was used in the interests of international terrorism. And nobody should doubt is that he wrote in his column in the newspaper «Izvestia» Yegor Kholmogorov, a Russian political figure of the nationalist wing.

Hero Pyotr Voykov and «international terrorist attack» in Crimea. Review of the Russian media 24.11.2015

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