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Heroes and anti-heroes of Israel 2015. The vote on

Editorial votes the choice of heroes and anti-heroes-2015 13 nominations. We invite our readers to Express their opinion.

The voting results will be published December 29.

«Winners» will be announced the candidates who received the most votes in its category (if the number of voters who support them will be greater than the number of votes «Against all»).

When voting in each category you can vote for only one candidate. Answer choices «Against all» goes to the next nomination, not giving his vote to someone in this category.

The list of nominees below were determined by our editorial staff with the wishes of the readers. Usually, we are talking about people whose names sounded in the news. We ask that before voting you should review this list, which contains brief information about the nominees.

The choice of heroes and anti-heroes of 2015. To participate in the survey

When the lists of candidates, the editorial take into account, first of all, how noticeable and significant were the acts of a particular person in 2015. In a number of categories were taken into account and the frequency of mentioning a particular candidate in the media reports (including the reports of our site).

We proceeded from the principle that one and the same person cannot be represented in multiple categories – even if he deserves it. In addition, we did not include in the list of nominees of those who were the leaders in that particular category last year.

The administration of our website will closely follow that in the voting there was no attempt to influence the outcome of unacceptable methods. In case such attempts will be noticed, the results of the voting on a specific person or the category in General may be cancelled.

This year we decided to abandon the category «Sex-symbol of Israel», as in the last five years anyone personally failed to win in this category (not counting 2013, when the winner was «Girl from the Army of defense of Israel» – according to the editorial, this image was and remains unchanged «sex-symbol of Israel»).

The vote in 2015 be held in the following nominations:
1) Hero of the year in the world
2) the Anti-hero of the year in the world
3) Hero of the year in Israel
4) the Anti-hero of the year in Israel
5) Economics,
6) Army and security services,
7) Science, culture, education,
8) Modern technologies,
9) Sports,
10) event of the year in the world
11) event of the year in Israel
12) Loss of the year in the world
13) Loss of the year in Israel.


(listed in alphabetical or chronological order)


Svetlana Alexievich is a Russian speaking Belarusian writer, laureate of Nobel prize

Boris Grebenshikov , a Russian rock musician, for the second year in a row presenting their new albums in Israel

Jonathan Pollard is released this year, after 30 years, the American prison where he was serving a sentence for espionage in favor of Israel

Mikheil Saakashvili – the former Georgian President, who in this year’s Governor of Odessa region

Donald trump – the controversial billionaire Republican candidate for President of the United States, equally can be considered a hero, and antihero

Mark Zuckerberg is the co – founder and President of Facebook, a billionaire, who said after the birth of her first child that is willing to sacrifice 99% of his fortune to charity


Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini , former heads of FIFA and UEFA suspended from football activities for 8 years

Margot Wallström – foreign Minister of Sweden, who accused Israel of «killings» of Palestinian terrorists

Kim Jong-UN is the highest leader, the leader of the party, army and people of the DPRK

Dieudonné Mbala-Mbala French comedian convicted in Belgium for the justification of terrorism and Holocaust denial

Martin Shkreli – millionaire, the owner of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG, raised the price on a drug for HIV patients to 5500%


Lucy Aeris – Israeli Arab journalist, who spoke openly against Islamists

Michael Brodsky – the Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Israel, the first representative of the «big aliyah» received ambassadorial post

Ksenia Svetlova is a journalist and Arabist who became this year a member of the Knesset

David Becoming a Rabbi, one of the initiators of creation of alternative system of giurov

Ze’ev Elkin is one of the leaders of «Likud» for the first time this year became the Minister (for Jerusalem Affairs, as well as aliyah and immigrant absorption)


Binyamin Ben-Eliezer , a former defense Minister, accused of taking bribes and other crimes

Yona Metzger is the former Ashkenazi chief Rabbi of Israel, accused of bribery

Bar Refaeli – Israeli supermodel, released this year to marry a billionaire, suspected of tax evasion

Raed Salah – Sheikh, leader of the Northern wing of the Islamic movement, who was convicted for extremist appeals

Silvan Shalom – Minister of internal Affairs, who announced his intention to quit politics amid allegations of sexual harassment


Moshe Gaffney – Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Knesset, for the formation and approval of the unified list of peripheral settlements, residents of which are entitled to tax benefits

David Gilo , the former Director of the competition authority, who spoke against the gas agreement and to resign for a long time arrested its approval

Tax office – for collecting 10 billion shekels in taxes in excess of forecast, primarily due to the «gray market»

Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister and Minister of economy of Israel, for the approval of the gas agreement

Dorit Salinger the inspector of insurance market reforms aimed at reducing fees and strengthening the position of consumers


Gadi Eizenkot – the new chief of the General staff of the IDF

Roni Alsheikh – the new inspector General of police

Yossi Cohen is the new head «Mossad»

Malka dashing soldier search and rescue battalion of «Kedem», zastrelilsya the terrorist and saved the life of his girlfriend

Special forces «of pseudocarabus», made this year a number of operations to capture and eliminate terrorists

Grisha Yakubovich, the head of the civil division of the office of coordination of actions of the Israeli government in the territories


Yuval Delshad – Israeli filmmaker, originally from Iran, who directed the film «Baba Joon» about Iranian Jews, claiming the «Oscar»

Yuliy Kim is a poet and bard (Russia-Israel), awarded this year’s Russian award «the Poet»

Itzhak Perlman – violinist (USA-Israel), awarded this year’s prize «Genesis» – the «Jewish Nobel»

Natalie Portman is an American actress and Director, born in Jerusalem, who directed the film «a Tale of love and darkness» by Amos Oz

Roy hen – playwright, Director of theatre «Gesher»

Moses Schiff and Howard cedar – scientists, which was considered one of the top contenders for «medical Nobel» for study of methylation of the genome and epigenetic inheritance

Chaim Erez – the head of the Association for the creation of the Museum of the Jewish soldier of world war II


Shmuel Peleg is a Professor, developer of the algorithm of BriefCam technology to help in the fight against terror (was our nominee in 2010, but was nominated again in the background of the purchase of this technology by the countries of Europe and America)

Moshe Yanai – founder Infinidat, which develops technologies to store large amounts of information

The concern «Rafael» – a successful test of a missile defense system mid-range «Magic wand»

Defense concern «the Aerospace of Maarahot» – for developing smart glasses for cyclists Raptor

The company UVision, presented this year at the Paris air show in Le Bourget Barreiros drones are a kamikaze Hero


David Blatt – led in his first season in the NBA as a head coach his team in the final series of the championship

Dean of Douady – blind lover of athletics, running this year’s marathon (59 years old)

Ziv Kalontarov (swimming) – champion of the European games

OMRI Caspi (basketball) – spends the best season in the NBA

Anna Knyazeva-Minenko (athletics) – bronze medalist at the European Championships and silver medalist at the world championship

Ilana Kratish (wrestling) – silver medalist at the European games

Dmitry Kreuter (high jump) – silver medalist of youth European championship

Saga of Flour (judo) – champion of the European games

Sergey Richter (shooting) – «bronze» the European games

Simon Simkin – 91-year-old runner who this year won «gold» the European championship of the run

Kate Spichkov and Yoav Cohen – world Champions in Windsurfing in the age group of 17 years

Yakov (Yan), Tumarkin (swimming) – silver medalist of the European championship on swimming on short water

Youth national team of Israel in rhythmic gymnastics (Ofir Dayan, ADI Louise Kurasov, Xenia Silin, Nicole Kelly and Nicole Zelikman) – bronze medalists of European championship

Israel’s national team in rhythmic gymnastics (Yuval Filo, Catherine Levin, Alain Kochevitsky, IDA Mayrin and Karina Lykhvar) – «silver» and «bronze» the European games


The attack on the editor of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo

Conclusion powers nuclear deal with Iran

International operation against the «Islamic state» led by the United States

The invasion of «spontaneous refugees» in Europe

The attack on Board the Russian aircraft in the Sinai

The Russian military operation in Syria

The terrorist attacks in Paris on 13 November 2015

The adoption of the Paris agreement on combating global warming

Elimination Of Samir Kuntar

Falling prices for oil and gas


Elections to the Knesset, 20th convocation

Second conviction Ehud Olmert (case Talansky)

The deaths of the Arab family in the village of Duma due to arson

The murder at the gay parade in Jerusalem

The terrorist attacks «of the intifada al-Quds»


Gunter grass – Nobel prize in literature, criticized Israel harshly

Djuna Davitashvili – healer and astrologer

Edgar Lawrence Doctorow is an American writer

Lev Durov is a Russian artist

Maya Plisetskaya – the Russian ballerina

Terry Pratchett is a British fiction writer

Demis Roussos is a Greek singer

Eldar Ryazanov is a Russian film Director


Ina Vinyarski activist of the settlement movement

Shmuel Halevy vozner the Rabbi, the author of «Shevet Halevi»

Mordechai (Moti) Kirshenbaum , TV journalist

Zvi Lipkin , physicist, one of the founders of the nuclear reactor in Dimona

Isaac Navona – fifth President of Israel

URI Averbukh – Minister, a Knesset member from the party of «Bayt Yehudi»

Orna Porat is an actress, laureate of the Israel Prize

Gennady Reger is a former member of the Knesset («Yisrael BA-Aliya»), one of the leaders of the organization «Hazit and-Kavod»

David Rotem , a former member of the Knesset (NDI)

Yossi Sarid , a former Knesset member and MERETZ leader, publicist

Nadia hilu , former member of the Knesset («labor»)

The choice of heroes and anti-heroes of 2015. To participate in the survey

Heroes and anti-heroes of Israel 2015. The vote on 22.12.2015

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