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Heroic «COP» of Florida dismissed: he was an anti-Semite

Police officer of Florida Michael Hamill was suspended from work due to the fact that published on the social network Facebook «posts» anti-Semitic, wrote on Sunday, 31 December, the newspaper the Gainesville Sun.

Hamill gained national fame in September of the current year. He has published in social networks, «selfie», which testifies to the heroic work of police officers during the rescue of the people affected by hurricane «Irma».

These photos gained about 517.000 likes and not less than 181.000 admiring comments. 276.000 published copies of this «post» on their blogs.

But then muckraking bloggers explored hamilla page in Facebook and found anti-Semitic texts published in the period from 2011 to 2103, when he entered the service of the police.

In April 2013, the future police officer wrote: «Who knows why read Jewish jokes not only improves my health but also helps to fall asleep quickly. For example like this: the boy scouts differ from the Jews? The fact that they come back from their camps.»

In 2011, his blog was published the following text: «Funny, people believe that the government is obliged to think about our welfare. Enough to benefit from our system – you have to improve yourself. Like reality, even when I get her cuffs. Fools piss me off. To the gas chamber for them, as Hitler did, ha, ha».

Interestingly, the police Department of Gainesville has partnered with the Holocaust Museum in Florida. New recruits entering police officers, bound by oath to visit this Museum to explore its exhibits, reported to journalists the representative of the Department.

Heroic «COP» of Florida dismissed: he was an anti-Semite 31.12.2017

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