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«Hezbollah» and Hamas condemned the air strike on military targets in Syria

The leadership of the Lebanese Shiite terrorist organization «Party of Allah» (Hezbollah), an ally of Bashar Assad’s regime, strongly condemned the actions of the «Zionist enemy» in Syria, supporting the statement made by commander of the Syrian army that the attack on a military facility in the area of Masyaf was an attempt by Israel to support terrorists from the «Islamic state», which defeated on all fronts in recent months.

A statement by the leadership of the Palestinian Sunni terrorist organization «Islamic resistance movement» (Hamas) in Gaza was not so categorical. Hamas has declared that condemns «any aggression against an Arab Muslim country.»

Syrian state news Agency SANA has published the reaction of the command of the Syrian army to reports of air strikes on military targets in the province of Hama. In the official commentary says that the Israeli air force struck a military facility outside of Masyaf «in a desperate attempt to raise the morale of terrorists destroyed the organization «Islamic state»». The command of the army of al-Assad said that the Israeli planes fired several missiles at a target from the air space of Lebanon on 7 September at 2:42 nights. The airstrike killed two people, caused significant damage, writes SANA. The Syrian military claimed that this attack will have serious consequences. Damascus does not mention the object that was attacked.

Earlier it was reported that we are talking about the company «al-tal», where he developed chemical weapons.

«Hezbollah» and Hamas condemned the air strike on military targets in Syria 07.09.2017

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