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HIAS received the award from the hands of the Muslims for assistance to refugees and the fight against trump

Society of Jewish immigrants (HIAS), which currently deals with resettlement of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, arriving in the United States to be awarded the humanitarian organization Islamic Relief USA for their tireless work to assist refugees and to counter in court the ban on immigration of Muslims.»

About it reports on Thursday, June 22, the Jewish news Agency JTA.

HIAS is one of three organizations which initiated a lawsuit against Donald trump, published in January this year a decree on a temporary ban on entering the United States to citizens of six countries with a predominantly Muslim population. This decree caused a wave of discontent, and many protests, some of which was organized by HIAS and other representatives of the left camp.

The award ceremony was held yesterday evening at the Washington Convention center Walter E. Washington – in celebration of the end of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan.

The award to the Executive Director of HIAS, Mark Hatfield presented the head of Islamic Relief USA Anuar Khan.

«Welcome immigrants, welcome refugees. This is not a liberal, and traditional American values. Abrahamic religions brings together a duty to be hospitable and accepting of strangers as would have taken ourselves – after all, we all once were or ever will be strangers,» – said in a speech Khan, who called on those present to work together to improve the world.

«When we welcome refugees in the United States, we consider them part of our family and of our society, no matter what religion they profess. American Jews, as a nation of refugees. And if the Americans didn’t have the courage to open the door for them, not would we have today the Jewish community» – with these words the Khan concluded his speech.

In February this year, the Jewish Agency, HIAS, which for more than 135 years has been providing assistance to refugees, filed the petition to the court: it is demanded to check whether the US Constitution trump the decree temporarily restricting immigration from the then seven Muslim countries.

The statement of claim, filed in the District court of Maryland where the headquarters of HIAS, it was formed by lawyers of the American Union of struggle for civil liberties. This document States that the ban is a violation of article of the Constitution on the inadmissibility of discrimination on religious and other grounds.

«For HIAS, which for many years cooperated with the U.S. government, filing such a lawsuit is unprecedented, but we have no other choice. We can not remain silent, seeing that refugees are turning away only for the reason that they are Muslims. Similarly, we could not remain indifferent when the United States turned away Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis in the 30s and 40s years of the last century. Our history and our values, Jewish and American, inspired us to fight an immoral and illegal policy by all means, including litigation» – leads edition the words of the President of that organization Mark Hatfield.


Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (a Society of Jewish immigrants) is a charitable organization established in 1881. In 1909, the Jewish society for the promotion of immigrants merged with the Jewish housing Association of shelters – a new structure was chosen as the name for the acronym of HIAS. By 1914, branches of the Agency worked in Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington (DC).

Currently, HIAS continues to assist Jewish immigrants in the world. However, as the number of refugees and immigrants of Jewish descent has declined significantly, the organization assists refugees and migrants from other countries, including Iran, promoting the reunification of families and the device in the United States. HIAS also works in the U.S. Congress, protecting the interests of refugees and immigrants in the political decision-making.

HIAS received the award from the hands of the Muslims for assistance to refugees and the fight against trump

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